Improving our team and our customers’ experience has always been one of our main goals at CAM Services. We recently added Paul Fausey as our Division Manager for Landscape Maintenance and we are excited to welcome back Juan Soria as the Landscape Orange County Area Manager. Eric Pavelka and Andrew Oakes have also been added as our Los Angeles Area Managers in the Landscape Division.

California Drought Monitor

Drought monitor for California as of June 23, 2015

One of CAM’S goals includes doing our part in this current drought, which calls for a 25% statewide reduction for water usage. Additionally, there have been bans on hosing down outdoor surfaces and an encouragement in planting water-saving plants. The drought is in its fourth year and may last as long as a decade, thus requiring many landscape changes. We are currently offering 10% off of plant and irrigation audits for your company to explore strategies available to comply with the mandates while still saving you money.

 CAM Services is committed to doing our part in this drought. Are you? To schedule a consultation and learn about how your business can save water, contact Oscar Lavenant at 800-576-3050 x247 to take advantage of this promotion!