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The Basics of Linen Chutes and Installation


The construction of linen chutes for commercial use is a modern necessity for an operation such as a senior living facility, hotel, hospitality business, multifamily high-rise, or industrial facility. These convenient conduits can be installed inside internal building shafts or as external structures. While relatively simple in design they feature several elements that require construction expertise. Placing linen chute access points on upper floors allow for the easy transport of dirty laundry down to a central location, often directly into the laundry facility. Dirty and odorous linen can avoid elevators and other common areas. This also prevents potential injury from [...]

The Basics of Linen Chutes and Installation2021-10-05T21:48:23+00:00

What Do Rising Commercial Construction Costs Mean


As the pandemic eases, construction costs are rising across the commercial sector. There are several uncharted factors impacting these market forces. However, even with the increases, demand is expected to rise as retail, offices, medical facilities, industrial properties, and multifamily businesses re-enter sectors of the economy they have put off during the last eighteen months. Commercial real estate inventory, demand, cost of building materials, supply chain disruptions, interest rates, labor shortages, and the pandemic are heavy influences of current pricing trends. Federal infrastructure spending in the near future is expected to squeeze resources further. You may continue to see construction [...]

What Do Rising Commercial Construction Costs Mean2021-09-20T15:50:58+00:00

Thermal Drone Imaging for Property Management


Facility thermal drone inspections are more than just colorful video footage or photos. When drone services are provided by property professionals, the camera captures data most relevant to the specific needs of property managers. The more familiar a drone operator is with a property and its trouble spots, the better the resulting analysis. While the quality of non-thermal drones is dependent on camera lens quality, resolution, and image storage, thermal drones raise the stakes. The quality of thermal cameras can vary considerably in price depending on sensitivity, targeted accuracy, and range of datapoints collected. Color changes can provide good [...]

Thermal Drone Imaging for Property Management2021-08-17T22:07:41+00:00

The Latest Trends in Retail Space Conversions


While there are always shifts and trends in the commercial property market, they usually happen gradually. Many predict that the retail and commercial real estate markets are on the verge of their most disruptive transitions in recent memory. Questions still linger as to which direction these retail conversions, shopping center makeovers, and office conversions will take. The ascent of e-commerce shopping and shifts in consumer shopping habits were occurring for more than a decade. The pandemic forced rapid widespread acceptance of online shopping for millions who may have otherwise taken years to adapt, if at all. It is too [...]

The Latest Trends in Retail Space Conversions2021-08-10T22:31:02+00:00

From The Desk Of Our EHS Specialist: Office Workspace Reimagined


In many cases, the way in which office spaces are used is going to change. The timeframe for workers returning to office buildings remains fluid and ultimately comes down to individual company decisions. In general, the schedule to return to offices en masse is likely to mirror the overall reopening of the statewide economy. The behavioral changes influenced by COVID-19 also remain uncertain. However, it is clear that health and safety concerns will take center stage at the workplace. Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) experts have begun re-examining the modern office workspace in the light of the pandemic and [...]

From The Desk Of Our EHS Specialist: Office Workspace Reimagined2021-08-10T22:31:10+00:00

How To Operate Fitness Centers Safely Post-COVID


Reimagined: Fitness Centers As restricted businesses move toward reopening, normal operations are being altered to address heightened public health and safety concerns. The reopening of fitness centers is high on the list of those requiring modifications. Managers will need to implement plans for enhanced hygiene and social distancing, especially as indoor usage increases. Operators have been asked to provide answers to questions such as: What are the social distancing rules for gyms? How to modify fitness center floorplans for social distancing? How are gyms disinfecting against COVID-19? How to avoid infection at a gym? Fitness centers will need to [...]

How To Operate Fitness Centers Safely Post-COVID2022-03-25T00:54:06+00:00

The COVID-19 Era: What Every Commercial Real Estate Owner Needs To Know


Responding to the urgent threat of COVID-19 and setting the foundation for permanent changes will be crucial as the commercial property industry reinvents itself. COVID-19 has had transformative effects on how society lives, works, and plays. The commercial arena has shifted drastically from traditional settings to cautious travel, work from home policies, and office closures. Businesses and consumers alike are narrowing their wallets to spend only on essentials. Effective cash management entails focusing on resiliency, sustainability and efficient capital expenditure decisions. Real estate leaders must act now to make several decisions on thousands of scenarios, rather than broad, portfolio-wide [...]

The COVID-19 Era: What Every Commercial Real Estate Owner Needs To Know2021-02-22T19:05:10+00:00

From the Desk of Our EHS Specialist: Automated & Enhanced Escalator Handrail Cleaning


As customers re-enter public buildings in greater numbers, we need to ensure that they are comfortable in urban spaces and allowed to move about safely. Innovative solutions are crucial to support the well-being of customers. Our responsibility to property managers is to ensure their assets are pandemic resilient while simultaneously delivering positive impacts on business operations, thus factoring in Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) in decision-making. Our cost-effective strategies are focused on increasing revenue, improving productivity and mitigating risk at a time when it has never been more imperative. Businesses across California are getting back into shape, proactive landlords [...]

From the Desk of Our EHS Specialist: Automated & Enhanced Escalator Handrail Cleaning2021-02-11T23:06:20+00:00

From the Desk of Our EHS Specialist: The Importance of Stormwater Management


Stormwater runoff is precipitation that flows across land, permeates into soil, merges into bodies of water, or evaporates back into the atmosphere. However, in urban environments, rainfall flows quickly across hard surfaces laden with pollutants. These contaminants are swept into waterways via drains and streams. Improperly managed stormwater runoff can cause several problems for businesses, including property damage and regulatory violations. Flooding: As stormwater flows over impermeable surfaces, such as roofs and pavement, large volumes of water can collect or flow rapidly, often causing property damage. Stormwater can also contribute to natural disasters by instantly raising water levels leading [...]

From the Desk of Our EHS Specialist: The Importance of Stormwater Management2021-02-03T20:05:14+00:00

California Steps Up Enforcement of Stormwater Management Violations


As concerns about the environment continue to rise, California has increased their efforts to hold businesses accountable for violations. To reduce pollutants entering natural waterways and public water systems, the state has expanded the role of the California Water Boards regarding industrial stormwater runoff. Pursuant to Senate Bill 205, the state Water Code now requires all eligible businesses renewing or applying for a business license to prove enrollment in a stormwater management program. It essentially makes it easier to catch violators by reviewing stormwater practices for all relevant businesses rather than performing random checks. The list of affected businesses [...]

California Steps Up Enforcement of Stormwater Management Violations2021-01-27T20:12:03+00:00
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