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When it Comes to E-Bikes, CAM Puts Safety First


In recent years, the popularity of electric bikes and electric scooters has grown exponentially, with more and more people opting for these convenient and eco-friendly modes of transportation. And it’s easy to see why — they offer a range of benefits, from reduced emissions to decreased travel time and increased affordability. As a result, they’re quickly becoming the transportation mode of choice for city dwellers and urban commuters, cementing them as a staple of modern life. There is a catch, however. As with many lithium-ion battery products, e-bikes run the risk of catching fire or even exploding. The U.S. Consumer [...]

When it Comes to E-Bikes, CAM Puts Safety First2023-05-16T16:37:50+00:00

Don’t Leave Your Property Out to Dry: How CAM’s Property Pros Can Help You Get Your Landscaping Under Control


Southern California's unprecedented precipitation this past winter relieved the region’s years-long drought conditions and helped in creating rain-soaked, snow-covered scenery for millions of Instagram accounts. However, with the onset of spring comes both warmer temperatures and the potential for uncontrolled growth of weeds, grass, and other vegetation to wreak havoc. While it may not seem like such a big deal now (give it time, it will be), this excess greenery can quickly become a fire hazard waiting to happen. With wildfire season practically year-round in California, property owners must stay diligent when it comes to maintaining safe conditions under [...]

Don’t Leave Your Property Out to Dry: How CAM’s Property Pros Can Help You Get Your Landscaping Under Control2023-04-13T21:54:40+00:00

Clean Home, Happy Tenants


For the residents who live there, a multifamily building is more than just a place to dwell — it’s home. When one thinks of home they think of safety and security, but your property could be riddled with potential risks. They can exist anywhere, from high traffic areas littered with filth to unclean trash chutes contributing to poor air quality throughout the building. Fortunately, you don’t have to tackle these problems alone. CAM Property Services can help increase the overall wellness, cleanliness and health of your property inside and out. DAY PORTER SERVICES Identifying potential problems before they occur [...]

Clean Home, Happy Tenants2023-02-27T22:56:33+00:00