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Our commercial handyman service is available 24/7 for your planned tenant improvements and on-demand needs.

We deliver expert, professional contractor services that are reliable and highly skilled. Our managers work to ensure that your job is on schedule and on budget.

The CAM team has specialized in maintaining commercial properties since 1987. We offer a full range of services and each team member is trained to look out for essential needs, giving your property extra eyes from our commercial property pros.

Attract more customers, keep tenants happy and avoid citations for non-compliance with the proper maintenance of your property. One call to CAM Property Services takes care of all your facility needs.

Facility Repairs

Interior and exterior facility improvements are performed by skilled contractors to attract customers and maintain the value of your property.


Unexpected events require an immediate response to keep your property clean, compliant, and secure.

Post-Construction Cleanup

Following a construction project, it is important to get a property back into shape as soon as possible to maintain appeal and remove liability hazards.


Nothing is more of a detractor to potential customers than graffiti. Our high-pressure washing systems and graffiti-removing formulas typically eradicate undesired graffiti with ease.

Hauling & Illegal Dumping

CAM removes all types of debris, from construction remnants to large items. We can haul it.


Fresh paint is one of the most cost-effective ways to beautify your property or give it an entire new look.

Ceiling Tiles

Replace broken or old ceiling tiles to give your retail or commercial space an updated, maintained look.


Updated signage and proper placement improves business visibility, traffic flow, parking, security, ADA compliance and the overall customer experience.

Sign Removal & Fascia Repair

Patch and paint surface after removal of tenant signs.

Vandalism & Property Theft

Property theft and vandalism are on the rise. Broken Window Theory suggests visible signs of criminal behavior be repaired immediately to discourage copycat activity or escalation.

Dumpster Enclosure & Doors

Repair dumpster access and enclosures to reduce illegal dumping, trash fires, dumpster vandalism, homeless activity and other potential liabilities.


Installing strategic bollards and controlling vehicle access is essential to maintaining security in an ever-changing world. Guide traffic and prevent vehicle incursions into walk areas and facilities with permanent or adjustable barriers.

Concrete Car Stops

Solid blocks are helpful for preventing vehicles from parking in incorrect areas or damaging property. Replace broken stops and exposed rebar to reduce liability and give your property a well-maintained look.


A parking lot in disrepair reflects poorly on a property. Potholes are dangerous for drivers and vehicles and are a potential liability for property owners.

Slurry Seal Coat

Resurfacing an asphalt topcoat can protect against weather, restore luster and eliminate years of surface grime and faded paint markings.

Re-stripping & Stenciling

Bright, visible vehicle boundaries make it easier to park and create a safer environment. Not to mention that parking spot re-striping and stenciling can keep you in compliance with the latest ADA laws.

ADA Remediation; CASp Surveys

Team members are trained in evaluating and repairing facilities that are in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act, often punishable with steep fines.

Construction Projects

Our Omnia Pacific Construction division handles larger projects, such as tenant improvements, code upgrades, shopping center makeovers, building facelifts, parking lot resurface, pad improvements, and more. We remodel, upgrade, and improve properties throughout California.

Landscape Properties
Landscape Properties
Landscape Properties
Landscape Properties

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Benefit from the reliability of professional janitorial services, landscaping, property inspection and facility maintenance combined with the convenience of managing it all through one service provider. Big or small, we can do it all.