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      Our Team

      Ben Arvizu
      Ben ArvizuBusiness Developer Shopping Center Specialist
      Greg Balaker
      Greg BalakerLandscape Area Manager
      Jeffery Durepos
      Jeffery DureposArea Manager
      Greyson Kilmer
      Greyson KilmerBusiness Developer Specialist
      Anthony Rios
      Anthony RiosProperty Supervisor


      All Your Facility Needs From One Source

      Benefit from the reliability of professional janitorial services, landscaping, property inspection and facility maintenance combined with the convenience of managing it all through one service provider. Big or small, we can do it all.

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      We are invested in our community

      Our community-based organizational structure enables us to operate effectively at the local level, while benefitting from the experience, resources, and efficiencies of a larger overall team. Branches and service managers in local neighborhoods help us understand the uniqueness and character of each area. This allows our teams to be flexible in responding to service needs related to a specific industry, location, or situation.

      CAM Property Services believes in investing in every community in ways that help them grow and remain strong. Besides local industry associations, we also support local charitable organizations such as KYCC and YULA, and the charity branches of BOMA, IREM, and Smart & Final. Team members live in the areas where they work and look forward to helping their neighbors every day.

      Member Associations

      Join the many properties taking advantage of our property services

      That’s why some of the nation’s biggest brands, property management professionals and HOAs trust CAM Property Services to keep billions of dollars in commercial, government and multifamily properties looking beautiful across California.

      Join California’s Top Companies That Trust CAM Property Services

      Make the right choice to protect your investment with the best services.