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New innovations bring opportunities to improve operations, profitability, and sustainability.

Implementing cost-saving efficiencies for your property today can also help your business contribute to the solutions of tomorrow. Our innovative services keep you ahead of the competition.

Our team is among the leaders emerging with ideas and solutions for moving the industry into the future.

We help commercial property managers apply forward-thinking measures before problems occur. Our professionals have certification and training in EHS, sustainability, GBAC, and other specialties.

Climate action, inclusion, and environmental justice are just a few areas garnering recent public attention. Having processes in place can save you time and money, and elicit goodwill through proactive participation in meaningful efforts.

As the commercial property services industry matures, sustainability will take on a larger role. We can help.

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Solar Panel Cleaning

Maximize the storage and capture of renewable energy with professionally cleaned panels that reduce energy costs and prolong the life of solar panels.

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Energy Audit

Reduce higher tier commercial electricity costs with a comprehensive audit to identify inefficient power usage, manage consumption, ascertain low-energy alternatives, and other cost-saving measures.

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As the state moves closer to drought conditions once again, pinpoint water conservation efforts can prevent waste, avoid overuse penalties, and save money.

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EV Install

With electric vehicle ownership climbing rapidly, charging stations will eventually be everywhere. Early installation will give your property an edge in attracting customers.

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HVAC Scheduling

More selective heating and cooling can save money. Knowing when to change the temperature for your facility and by how much is an artistry our experts can guide.

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Sustainable Construction

Apply environmental responsibility during the construction phase and planned future maintenance.

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Green Cleaning

Incorporating eco-friendly cleaning practices, we offer cleaning solutions comprised of non-toxic or organic ingredients, and products sourced from environment-friendly brands.

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Expanding availability of resources for the easy collection and management of recyclable waste increases participation, reduces landfill waste, and reaps financial benefits.

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Lighting Reviews

An audit of daytime and nighttime light usage, installation of eco-friendly shutoffs, conversion to low-energy lighting, addition of natural light sources, and other innovative steps can reduce costs.

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Lifecycle Analysis

The practical usefulness of a building depends upon costs for general maintenance plus utility consumption. This analysis is helpful for aging structures and planned construction.

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