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In recent years, the popularity of electric bikes and electric scooters has grown exponentially, with more and more people opting for these convenient and eco-friendly modes of transportation. And it’s easy to see why — they offer a range of benefits, from reduced emissions to decreased travel time and increased affordability. As a result, they’re quickly becoming the transportation mode of choice for city dwellers and urban commuters, cementing them as a staple of modern life.

There is a catch, however. As with many lithium-ion battery products, e-bikes run the risk of catching fire or even exploding. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission received reports of at least 208 micro-mobility fire or overheating incidents between January 2021 and November 2022.

So it’s clear that there’s some risk involved — a direct consequence of which is the recent rise in insurance costs for multifamily property owners. This has led to the outright ban of electronic bikes and scooters by many landlords, who would rather avoid the potential risk altogether.

But what if there’s a way to ensure your building can offer this vital amenity to would-be renters and residents for safely storing and charging their e-bikes without the worry of fires? Enter CAM Property Services. Our Property Pros can help protect your multifamily property and its residents from lithium-ion battery fires in one of two ways:

  • We can retrofit your property to better defend against fires
  • Or we can design a custom e-bike/e-scooter storage facility to house them safely

Let’s take a closer look at each service:

Retrofitting Your Property

Fire safety begins with ensuring that your building has the ability to prevent the spread of fires. This is where CAM’s construction company, Omnia Pacific, comes in. Retrofitting comes in two forms: encapsulating existing space and upgrading existing fire systems.

Omnia Pacific can encapsulate an existing bike storage area with cinder block, install e-charging hookups for e-bikes and e-scooters, and retrofit all fire suppression systems to ensure the building is fully compliant with all fire safety codes and regulations.

We offer a range of fire suppression systems, including fire sprinklers and fire alarms, which can be installed to ensure that your building is equipped to handle any potential fire outbreaks. This includes fire-resistant features such as doors, walls, and windows, which can significantly slow down the spread of fire. Our goal is to protect your property and residents while providing an important amenity in today’s modern world.

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Building a Safe Storage Space

Omnia Pacific can create custom-built e-bike storage areas that prioritize safety and security. Our expert team utilizes fire-resistant materials such as concrete, steel, and brick, to ensure that your e-bike storage area is well-equipped to handle any potential fire outbreak. We also install top-of-the-line fire suppression systems, including fire sprinklers and smoke detectors, to provide an added layer of protection for your property.

In addition to using fire-resistant materials and fire suppression systems, our team pays close attention to ventilation and space when designing e-bike storage areas. Proper ventilation is critical in preventing the accumulation of combustible materials that can contribute to the spread of fire. Our team ensures that there is adequate space within the e-bike storage area to prevent clutter and maintain a safe environment. With CAM and Omnia Pacific, you can advertise and trust that your e-bike storage area is not only a secure and convenient amenity but also designed with safety as a top priority.

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To learn more about how CAM can help, call (800) 576-3050 today.

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