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The eyes and ears of a dedicated service partner can make the difference between complete safety and potential hazard. When it comes to multifamily property management, it’s critical to contract with a team that provides an abundance of services — in all the necessary places — throughout your property.

Southern California-based CAM Property Services adeptly identifies problem areas and provides site audit reports detailing conditions that could pose a safety risk.

When a company provides multiple services, its employees tend to be more attuned to safety concerns on a larger scale. Empowering them to file a site audit report encourages proactive awareness and results in safer conditions.

Day porters and janitors can be great sources of information regarding multifamily interiors and exteriors. These team members maintain clean, safe environments while also being on the lookout for unsafe situations. Reporting or repairing flooring issues can prevent trip-and-fall injuries. Trash chutes with damaged parts can lead to injury or fire safety violations.

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Handyman safely working in multifamily property
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Parking lot sweepers, landscapers, steam cleaners, and handymen are all excellent sources for recognizing safety issues. Property supervisors, account managers, and their crews work in unison for the benefit of property owners and managers. They often recognize and report issues such as illegally dumped items, homeless activity, broken doors and locks, fire lane obstructions, worn painted curb zones, and structural damage.

Besides site audit reports, these teams also have access to a network of professionals to assess and remediate safety concerns. Some situations may require a professional assessment by a safety inspector, engineer, ADA CASp inspector, or even an aerial drone inspection. Quick action can make the difference in averting a tragedy.

Contracting an array of multifamily property services from a single company is beneficial in so many ways. Tenants experience a higher standard of cleanliness and maintenance. A consistent presence easily notices changes in property conditions, thereby identifying abnormalities. Team members share information with property managers, forming a cohesive perspective. And watchful eyes imbued with the power to speak up, can alert property managers about potential safety issues before they become a problem.

The stakes are high with multifamily properties. Reports of tragedies are usually followed with an accounting of unsafe conditions that were ignored or went unreported. Using a professional team to meet all your property needs can lead to both improved tenant satisfaction and retention, safer conditions, and more value for your property.


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