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Incorporating technology into property maintenance makes sense, especially when it saves time and money while improving results. Aerial drone inspections accomplish all of that for property managers, owners, and stakeholders.

Now in their second decade of mainstream commercial use, drones have become more efficient and effective than ever. Commercial property managers have come to rely on recorded video surveillance of their assets from all angles for maintenance, asset protection, owner reports, and insurance.

Easier access to previously challenging viewpoints means that property managers can view and identify potential maintenance problems in the early stages. Managers can reduce operating costs through preventative maintenance that might otherwise go undetected. Facilities can be inspected from better vantage points or perspectives not previously available.

With cloud storage options, drone video footage can be viewable by any authorized user anywhere in the world, at any time. This enables raw footage to be viewed for a closer, focused viewing if desired. It can also be edited for presentation. Regularly scheduled drone inspections can provide a video log of the progression on a particular area of interest or trouble spot.

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Rooftop drone inspections are an obvious favorite. Seeing HVAC, utilities, and rooftop equipment from an overhead angle or the entire topography of a roof can reveal previously unnoticed problems. Accessing hard to reach positions can reveal new hazards.

Upper levels are easier to inspect with a drone. Storefront facades and sign cans are other examples. Even further up, consider the benefits of inspecting the vertical face of a multifamily or office high-rise tower to review windowsill gaskets, paint, cracks, and other structural items. Problems not seen at the ground level or even from a ladder come into focus with a drone inspection.

Drone inspections are also great for covering wide areas, high and low. Property perimeters, parking lots, alleyways, common areas, and landscapes can all be inspected and recorded to address concerns about maintenance, repairs, safety, security, and liability.

Another common use of a drone inspection is for incident response. Damage from trespassers, vandalism, graffiti, theft, or natural disasters can all be addressed and documented accurately. Regularly recorded inspections can provide a critical before and after record.

Periodic inspections of unoccupied or low occupancy properties can provide an elevated level of security for out-of-town owners through high definition video of property conditions and 24/7 access to archived video recordings.

Commercial properties are valuable assets. It makes sense to maintain a comprehensive and accurate insight into the physical condition on a regular basis with aerial drone inspections. Owners can monitor their assets from afar, managers can gain new perspectives, problems can be prevented, and issues can be diagnosed.

Today drone inspections are performed on all property classes such as shopping centers, industrial, office, government, retail, and multifamily properties. They are used by facilities that require visual inspections as part of regular maintenance or digital recordings of assets.

The best option for ordering a drone inspection is with someone who already knows and understands your property. Your facility maintenance provider is a good place to start, but many do not offer such services.

If you are interested in aerial drone inspections for commercial properties in California, you should call upon CAM Property Services. They have been providing the best facility services in California since 1987. Their “one call does it all” approach makes it easy for property managers to get nearly everything they need from a single source. Their team of skilled professionals offer drone inspections tailored specifically for the needs of commercial facility managers.

To learn more today call 800-576-3050.

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