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At CAM Property Services, when we say that “one call cleans it all,” we really mean it. No matter the size of the task, we can tackle any commercial or residential property management job.

Watch us in Action

We had the perfect opportunity to put our motto into practice when a new client reached out to us to take on a monumental project. The mission: Clear out a five-acre property used as an illegal dumping site for months. The client was looking to sell the property but needed the trash cleared out before showing it to potential buyers.

Our team hauled off a whopping 50 loads of illegally dumped materials from the site. Amongst the wreckage:

  • Two boats
  • Thousands of VHS tapes
  • Four tons of roofing material
  • Over 200 tires
  • Four-dozen couches
  • 50 mattresses

Situations like this are a great reminder of the top-notch service you receive when you trust CAM Property Services with your property needs.


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