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When it comes to taking a stance on issues customers care about, companies can no longer afford to stay on the sidelines. According to Envirotech, 65 percent of sales measured globally were generated by companies that conveyed a commitment to social and environmental value.

The takeaway is clear — to stay competitive, you must use your voice.

When considering how your company approaches this challenge, it helps to break it down into three categories: environmental, societal, and governance, otherwise known as ESG.

Environmental issues include reducing your carbon footprint and overall impact on the environment. Societal issues include promoting volunteerism to increase employee well-being. Finally, governance involves demonstrating an adherence to following government guidelines.

Fortunately, you don’t have to tackle ESG alone, CAM Property Services is here to help you practice what you preach.


The environmental aspect of ESG most typically involves the implementation of green energy to reduce your carbon footprint. That can mean moving to solar energy or driving electric vehicles. Another way companies are being environmentally mindful is by implementing more water-wise strategies and consumption practices.

CAM Property Services can be of assistance in this undertaking. Our experts can ensure that your business’ solar panels are well maintained and that the energy being collected is being put to good use. We can also assist in the installation of EV charging stations and secure rebates to reduce the cost. CAM can help ensure that water isn’t being wasted from leaks while transitioning your business to more water-friendly landscaping to reduce overall use.

From solar to water, CAM is your go-to expert in being a more environmentally mindful business.

Team members' hands holding a small plant in soil


The social aspect of ESG is commonly associated with maintaining the emotional well-being of your employees. People take note of companies that treat their employees well and studies show that mental well-being can lead to an increase in productivity. It may seem like a daunting task, but there are several ways one can improve the mental wellness of their employees.

One major way is to improve and maintain the workspace. CAM Property Services’ consultants are specially trained to evaluate the workplace, ensuring everything is optimally designed, safe and up to code. By keeping the workplace in order, employees feel safe and are often more productive.

Yellow road sign with the words "Safety First"


The final aspect of ESG concerns following government ordinances. In California, there are plenty of restrictions and regulations that can cost you a pretty penny if left ignored. Fortunately, CAM’s experts can help you navigate this minefield. From following the Clean Water Act to making sure your building is ADA compliant, CAM is the team you can trust.

Handicapped parking space

Whether your company needs assistance with the environmental, societal, or governmental aspects of ESG, CAM Property Services is your go-to helping hand. Learn more by clicking HERE.


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