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Accelerate your Return-to-Office experience with these best practices and services from the Property Pros

The eagerness to return to the office is palpable, but the challenges of post-COVID occupancy rates still loom large in Southern California’s major markets. Despite wide-spread building renovations and the addition of appealing amenities, many office spaces are struggling to lure employees back.

Clean Modern Office Space
Office Sanitation Technician

Fortunately, CAM Property Services is uniquely attuned to the lingering concerns employers and building owners face. The Property Pros are here to turn the tide by offering invaluable tips and a comprehensive range of services that can boost your Return-to Office rate.

Employees should feel confident in their return to a space that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also safe. CAM advocates a proactive approach to address any potential concerns. Savvy building owners and managers emphasize cleanliness and hygiene to create an environment that not only looks immaculate, but also fosters health and wellness.

Cleaning Crew Working in Office Hall

Simple best practices, such as these, can make a significant difference:

• Regularly disinfect high touch surfaces, such as doorknobs, light switches, and countertops.
• Install hand sanitizers in easily accessible locations throughout the office.
• Regularly clean electronics, such as computers and phones.
• Add strategically placed trash bins to facilitate proper disposal and recycling.

Sanitation Professional Wiping Down Office Desk

CAM goes beyond the basics with a wide range of expert services for a cleaner, healthier office environment, including:

• Janitorial (building maintenance)
• Pressure washing & steam cleaning
• Trash chute/trash bin cleaning
• Junk removal/hauling
• Parking lot sweeping

CAM stands ready to fulfill these needs and more, ensuring that your office operates with the utmost cleanliness and efficiency. Trust the property pros to elevate your return-to-office experience, making it not just a comeback but a triumph in hygiene and well-being.

Welcome back to the office!

Clean Inviting Office Environment


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