Over 1,300 properties serviced


Multifamily properties experience around-the-clock occupancy and require a facilities team at the top of their game 24/7. Maintain the value and appeal of multifamily properties with proper, professional, and easy to manage facility care.

We service multifamily properties throughout the Central Valley and Southern California, whether an apartment building, complex, condominium, duplex, or townhouse community. Our full range of services make it easy to manage all your necessities through one provider for indoor, outdoor, common area, janitorial, landscaping, handyman, and other facility needs.


Many of California’s well-known retail brands rely on CAM Property Services. Maintaining clean and attractive public areas are at the forefront of keeping tenants happy and shoppers returning. The complexities of stand-alone retail properties require a facility team with experience and depth.

These larger facilities, often anchor retailers, involve higher profiles and greater traffic volume. Renovations and corporate demands can also lead to more extensive needs, such as build-out and construction cleanup. Greater customer activity can require additional maintenance with parking lots, trash, and customer pickup areas. You can manage all your needs through one vendor with CAM Property Services.


A well-maintained property sets the right professional tone for tenants and their customers. From parking lot to landscape, to restroom to cubicle workspace, the benefits of a good CAM Property Services team are noticeable at every turn.

Facility managers have plenty to deal with as they balance the needs of tenants with the demands of maintaining the property on many levels. Choosing a facilities partner that is professional, experienced, and well-versed makes the difference.


Our professional team understands the logistics, scope, and unique demands of industrial operations. We efficiently provide the behind-the-scenes services to keep your facility running smoothly. From large to small, we can scale to exactly the right fit for your facility maintenance.

Recognizing that industrial properties may have regulations and safety reqirements, our crew is professionally trained and equipped for specific tasks. We maintain trouble-free facilities so your focus can remain on industrial operations.


While you serve the public, be sure to keep your facilities clean, safe, and well-maintained. We work with properties at federal, state, and municipal levels providing property services for government buildings, agencies, facilities, and public access areas.

CAM Property Services also provides support maintenance, landscaping, cleanup, inspections, graffiti removal, and more for businesses located within Business Improvement Districts (BIDs), Business Improvement Areas (BIA), Business Revitalization Zones (BRZ), Community Improvement Districts (CID), Special Services Areas (SSA), or Special Improvement Districts (SID).

Shopping Centers

Our company started with servicing shopping centers and it remains a core part of our business. We understand the unique challenges and needs of our retail partners, especially in today’s business climate. Put our decades of experience to work for your property.

Retailers, landlords, customers, local regulators, vendors, and others contribute to a long list of demands. Our experienced team makes life easier by expertly providing a wide range of services through a single provider. Our full range of services are convenient for outdoor shopping centers, indoor malls, strip malls, grocery stores, restaurants, bars, salons, gyms, entertainment centers, and banks.


All Your Facility Needs From One Source

Benefit from the reliability of professional janitorial services, landscaping, property inspection and facility maintenance combined with the convenience of managing it all through one service provider. Big or small, we can do it all.