Trash Chute Cleaning, R&M

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Professionally servicing your trash chute as part of regular maintenance is highly recommended. Improve the air quality and appearance of your facility with clean, well-maintained trash receptacles.

Cleaning and repairing your garbage collection equipment can improve tenant satisfaction and give your property a fresher atmosphere. Avoid safety code violations, health issues, fire hazards, and fines.

Trash Chute Cleaning

Today’s tenants are demanding higher sanitation standards. Power washing, steam cleaning with disinfectants, eco-friendly enzyme solutions, and odor blockers can lead the way to fresher trash collection areas.

  • Kill Bacteria & Viruses

  • Reduce Odors

  • Better Appearance

  • Cleaner To Touch

  • Prevent Corrosion

  • Includes Free Inspection

Trash and Linen Chute Maintenance and Repair

Chute doors that do not close properly create fire hazards, odorous drafts, and rodent passageways. Sharp metal trim, broken handles, damaged hinges, and loose doors can lead to injury and liability. Do not neglect trash chute repairs.

  • Framing & Trim Set

  • Side & Bottom Hinges

  • Door Panel

  • Closures & Handles

  • Chute Ductwork

  • Garbage Bin Area

Chute Installation

Our sister company, Omnia Pacific Construction, installs trash chutes in new and remodeled facilities. Our familiarity with facility maintenance procedures and routines make us ideally suited to help design and build your garbage collection facilities.

  • Manual & Automated Doors

  • Secure Closures

  • Custom Vertical Shafts

  • Multi-floor Deceleration Tracks

  • Fire Shutter Doors

  • Secure Interlocking

  • Proper Ventilation

  • Trash and Linen Chutes

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