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Summer is here and the longer, warmer days greatly affect the environment of your office. Even though people don’t always look forward to working in a cubicle with noisy coworkers, studies show that the addition of indoor plants, water fixtures, and access to a garden can increase alertness, longer attention spans, and lower blood pressure, leading to reduced employer’s health expenses. A happy and healthy staff will be even more productive and appreciate the brighter environment. Landscape design is crucial to an appealing property and thus requires the right balance of plants. Drought-resistant landscape is low maintenance and limits water usage, which is important due to current water restrictions in California.

Adding areas for outdoor meetings and work breaks will appeal to the health and well-being of your employees and surrounding community. More importantly, customers appreciate curb appeal when it’s clean, healthy, and in prime condition. Repurposing outdoor walkways with high and low vistas creates a better view and image for the company.

To encourage a healthy, active lifestyle, repurposing an outdoor space will give employees a reason to stay on-site after a long day of meetings. Additionally, it increases the social interaction between employees and brings a positive atmosphere back into the office. If you are interested in improving your property for the summer months, CAM Services has the right staff and expertise in design to get the most out of your property. Call us at 800-576-3050 and schedule a meeting today!

clean modern office building with minimalistic drought resistant landscaping
drought resistant landscaping in various colors


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