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Early spring is the perfect time for building managers to act on landscaping and tree trimming plans for the year ahead. Working with a landscape services company now can give your greenery the deep-rooted foundation for a successful growing season.

The goal is to maximize plant health early in the season to establish long-term success. Here are the types of maintenance landscapers should be doing for your property according to experienced professionals.

Be sure to continue watering your plants appropriately. Even if you’ve neglected other landscape maintenance throughout the winter, watering should remain consistent to maintain plant health and to prevent the onset of disease.

Tree trimming is a top priority in early spring, well before the crown reaches full bloom. The foliage is at its thinnest, making broken and damaged branches most visible. These branches should be removed to improve the overall strength and health of the tree.

Tree trimming

Schedule heavy pruning and cutbacks on plants and trees during the dormant season, November thru March, that typically impact public walkways, gutters, and building eaves later in the year. Consider the overall attractiveness of the landscape now and throughout the summer. Move or replace plants which have outgrown their space.

Trim plants early to prevent massive overgrowth, especially shrubbery. Be sure to prune shrubs and trees before buds break for blooming or the pruning will stress the tree. This is especially important for fruit trees and summer-blooming varieties.

Professional inspection and care of trees and shrubs is an important and highly visible aspect of good building management.

Get an early jump on weeding. Remember that the fertile growing season is equally effective for all plants, good and bad. Heavy weeding in the early spring can minimize future problems and provide more resources for managed plants. Be sure to discard weeds rather than mulching, as you don’t want their seeds to be distributed.

Now is the time to utilize a pre-emergent weed killer, before crabgrass and other weeds take control. Reducing competition from weeds is a great way to ensure plant survival.

Fertilizer can be another key ingredient for growing success. If you fertilize, landscaping pros should test the soil every few years to make sure it has the proper pH balance and the right nutrients for your plant needs. Sometimes additional fertilization is unnecessary and should be decided by the soil condition. Trees and shrubs also enjoy fertilizers but be sure to use a slow-release product.


Mulching provides both decorative and functional protection for landscapes. Besides adding an attractive top layer, mulch helps soil retain moisture, buffers against weed growth, and provides organic enrichment to the soil. A mulch layer about 3 inches thick is ideal.

This is also the ideal time to address those bare spots in the lawn. The professionals know to mix soil with grass seed, cover generously, and water liberally until the bare patch starts to fill. Sod may be more appropriate for larger problem areas.

Begin an overall assessment of the property’s landscaping. Decide which plants stay and which go. Struggling areas should be reinvigorated or replaced. Early spring is definitely the time to make these decisions, enabling any new vegetation to solidify its position prior to the peak growing season. Planning and budgeting will make all of the difference in successfully achieving your landscaping goals.

You may consider the convenience of a company that offers comprehensive building and landscape maintenance as an all-in-one service. With an expertise in landscaping, these professionals can also identify and address issues related to hardscape and building maintenance.

CAM Property Services is one such company, providing property maintenance services for over 1,300 commercial, office, multifamily, retail, warehouse, and institutional properties across California. With a reputation for knowledgeable and personal care, this team has been helping facility directors and property managers maintain safe and beautiful environments for clients big and small.

Call 800-576-3050 now if you would like to learn more about incorporating California’s best professional landscaping services for your commercial property.

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