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Maintaining a luscious, green lawn cannot be accomplished with watering and mowing alone. Healthy turf depends on many factors including nutrients, which are essential elements (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) that are absorbed by the roots of the grass from the soil.  When the soil does not provide adequate nutrients for your lawn to be in healthy shape, fertilizer is necessary to fill the void and help maintain that potent green color of the grass.

When is a good time to fertilize your lawn? It usually depends on the color of your grass. A proper fertilized lawn will be a homogenous, dark green all over. When applying fertilizer on a lawn, it is always better to start with a dry lawn. Apply the fertilizer using either a drop spreader or a broadcast and use the recommended amount over the lawn. Following directions when fertilizing your lawn is extremely important because over-fertilizing can burn your grass. After completing the fertilizing process, it is necessary to water your lawn because material needs to wash off the grass and into the soil for the fertilizer to start working. Depending on the size of your lawn, fertilization should be used four times a year on average.

Healthy Lawn Green Grass Closeup
Seed spreader fertilizing lawn with seeds

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