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Your property is being judged before people even step foot on it. If your grounds aren’t enticing or aesthetically pleasing, the first impression to tenants and visitors is already sullied. An ideal way to keep your business park landscaping curb appeal pristine is with pre-emergent spraying.

As a property professional, there’s nothing worse than putting time, energy, and resources into your commercial landscaping — only for it to be slowly taken over by pesky weeds. Luckily for you, CAM Property Services offers pre-emergent spraying to keep those uninvited guests at bay. Prevention is key, and we’re here to help.

Here’s how it works:

When utilizing the pre-emergent spraying process, herbicide is sprayed (before weeds are visible) to create an invisible barrier below the soil. As weeds begin to grow and hit that barrier, they are killed upon contact, and never break through the soil.

Pre-emergent spraying

When it comes to weed control, the pre-emergent process is the most effective preventative measure. It’s safe to use around essential plants, and once applied, kills weeds permanently. This is not to say that dormant weeds can’t make a return down the road, or that animals or uncleaned mower head decks won’t transport seeds. It’s not a miracle worker. Some things just cannot be controlled.

Keep in mind that pre-emergent is only effective if employed before your property has a weed infestation. Once germination begins, it’s very difficult to stop. Proactive spraying prevents the germination process from even initiating. This is why we recommend an herbicide treatment before or during Spring. When done then, you can look forward to a weed-free summer.

Before and after pre-emergent spraying

CAM Property Services is here to help keep your maintenance and landscaping to the highest standard. We currently provide the highest quality services for over 1,300 properties across California, and that number is constantly on the rise. Commercial landscape pre-emergent weed control is just one of the many services we offer. Our reputation for knowledgeable and personable care is unmatched, and we’re always taking on new clients, big and small.

Call (800) 576-3050 to find out how you can onboard California’s ultimate landscaping services for your commercial property.

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