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Although they are commercial properties, multifamily facilities fall into a unique category with regard to upkeep. Unlike most commercial properties for business use, these properties are occupied continuously. Multifamily maintenance requires a wider range of skills and resident diplomacy, whether a high-rise apartment building, sprawling garden style community, condominiums, or townhouse community.

Multifamily properties typically have more paying tenants to keep satisfied. The demands on common areas and amenities also tend to be higher. The lifestyles of the occupants tend to follow less rigid patterns of behavior, whereas business tenants more closely follow a uniform code of behavior.

Working with a property services company that has a cooperative team across multiple disciplines will save busy property managers time, money, and frustration. Imagine the convenience of contacting just one point-person for nearly all property needs such as landscaping, janitorial, power washing, garbage area cleanup, trash chute repair, virus disinfecting, ADA compliance, and parking garage sweeping.

General maintenance is the first concern for servicing multifamily properties. As property occupants are staying home more and paying attention to sanitizing and cleaning procedures these days, a more professional standard of cleaning is demanded. Janitorial services are less behind-the-scenes than they may have been in the past.

Pristine common areas are the first key to making tenants happy. Indoor cleaning may require extra attention on frequent touch point and high traffic areas. Community rooms and fitness centers require additional sanitization. Expert carpet cleaning and floor care can extend the life of your asset. Day porter services also provide a higher level of concierge service.

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Common areas are the most visible and important to keep clean. Lobbies, entryways, elevators, stairwells, parking garages, and walkways that are not maintained can become eyesores and liability hazards. A company that properly repairs and maintains trash chutes and garbage collection areas can reduce odors, disease, and safety hazards from properties.

Professional landscaping provides a great first impression for prospective residents and visitors and can add value. Exterior maintenance also covers a lot of ground and includes services such as hard surface steam cleaning, parking lot sweeping, and underground parking maintenance, to name a few. Although these areas may be lower profile, they are equally important to maintain.

Perimeter inspections, aerial drone video inspections, hauling large illegally dumped items, graffiti removal, alleyway cleanup, and handyman services should also be offered by a full-service company.

Hiring a good team that recognizes preventative maintenance issues is also valuable. The more skills a facility services team brings, the more qualified they are to identify and report potential problems. They can prevent small abnormalities from escalating into large, full-blown problems that create headaches and unwanted expenses.

This is the type of depth you should look for when hiring a company for multifamily maintenance. A strong team can save property managers considerable time and expense in the long run. Your property will provide an enhanced living experience and tenants will be routinely happier.

If you are an owner or manager of multifamily real estate in California, you should call upon CAM Property Services. From now on all your multifamily property needs could be handled with a phone call to just one company. They are a premier provider, trusted by many of the top residential property companies in the state since 1987.

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