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As businesses reopen in the post COVID-19 era they may have only one opportunity to win customers back. While there are plenty of unknowns, there are things of which we can be certain. The public is on high alert regarding sanitization and will remain so indefinitely. Future purchasing decisions might easily be made based on which companies are showing signs of looking out for customer and employee health.

Facility cleaning and sanitizing, which has typically occurred afterhours or at the very least out-of-sight, may very well be moving to the forefront as consumers demand the confidence and security that comes with knowing a company’s cleaning practices. Customers are asking questions they have never asked before, such as when was the last time that door handle was cleaned or what product do you use to wipe down tables?

Landlords and tenants have a common goal in bringing customers back to businesses. The cost of restarting in-person transactions just might be an investment in stronger cleaning regimens. Letting the public know about better sanitization through certification from a third-party source improves the effort.

Retail store coronavirus sanitizing
Sanitized space
Sanitized space sticker in retail store window
Sanitized space sticker in retail store window

While questions about sanitization are on a steep rise, they follow the pattern of recent changes in consumer behavior. Businesses have already seen shifts in consumer habits this millennium with advertisements seeped in social awareness replacing traditional consumer messages. Large companies now invest heavily in building trust with communities to establish a millennial-friendly tone.

Brands such as Ben & Jerry’s and Starbucks have long tapped into the belief systems of their loyal customers, mimicked in socially responsible behavior and corporate practices. TOMS shoe company, founded in 2006, skyrocketed to success by supercharging their corporate giving to include donating a free pair of shoes for every pair sold. Similar companies have followed.

In 2017, the conversation delved even deeper with companies forced to move beyond what they stand for into declaring publicly what they stand up for. And consumers began to proactively make purchasing decisions based on these declarations.

A recent study on Corporate Social Responsibility shows just how important these messages are to potential customers. An incredible 87% of consumers said they would purchase a product from a company that advocated a cause they also cared about. Equally alarming is that 76% would refuse to purchase from a company which supported an issue contrary to their own beliefs.

Which brings us to present day, where consumers demand to know the practices, beliefs, and inner workings of companies where they do business. Wouldn’t it be great if you could head these questions off at the door? You can.

For years, companies have been signaling all kinds of information. Think about the signs you see on a regular basis, posted on a business door – accepted credit cards, armed security company, ADA compliancese habla español, and health board rating.

Due to popular client demand, CAM Property Services has designed a variety of signs to let customers know that the businesses they enter have strict professional sanitization practices in place. Facilities that undergo superior sanitization and anti-virus fogging to combat the Coronavirus are specially designated with certification.

CAM has been providing professional, commercial grade sanitization to restaurants, national retail chains, shopping centers, government facilities, office buildings, transportation companies, and more since 1987.

You can let your customers know that you are looking out for their health and safety by hiring professional cleaners. Clients are using table tent cards, wall signs, pedestal signs, front window stickers, and even lawn signs to announce a space has been sanitized with anti-virus fogging.

Cleaning has taken center stage and CAM Property Services is proud to be a longstanding partner for retail, commercial, government, and industrial properties in California. Contact CAM now at 800-576-3050 to join in protecting customers as they transact their business safely and confidently.

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