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We have entered an era where viral outbreaks have become so common that the general public is now familiar with terms such as Ebola, Zika, Norovirus, and Coronavirus. Big or small, these pandemics have created heightened fear and concern about health and safety in public places. One of the solutions that facility managers are using to address this concern is electrostatic fogging with virucide.

The latest coronavirus outbreak has risen the stakes considerably. Beyond confirmed human-to-human contact and airborne transmission, the virus has been proven to be resilient. Disinfecting with anti-virus fog delivers a wide dispersal of cleaning agents to sanitize rooms from top to bottom. This cleaning technique, previously limited to hospitals, food processing facilities, and sterile environments has now entered the mainstream.

In addition to public safety, the focus on the health of employees is also rising. Federal regulatory agencies and local health boards are addressing working conditions more stringently, as employee infection rates rise. Industries have been crippled from the quarantine of entire work crews. Businesses are becoming more proactive to reduce the spread of viruses at the workplace before problems rise to these levels. Virucide fogging has been a great way to protect workspaces such as retail shopping, offices, government agencies, and industrial warehouses.

One man in protective suit disinfecting the Apartment entry
Anti virus fogging service

Effectiveness and ease of use are the top reasons why fog-based virucidal disinfectants have caught on. Through electrostatic fogging, the anti-virus becomes negatively charged micro particles, which repel each other, thus creating a wide dispersal pattern. The virucide fog, more accurately described as smoke or vapor, is light and airy. The negative ionic charge also creates an attraction to the positive charge of common surfaces, allowing a uniform coating of even the most difficult to reach touch points.

The spread of viruses from around the world has led to the development of products to combat these strong biological infectants. Concentrates are available that combine strong anti-viral and anti-bacterial agents with regular cleaning solutions, yet are non-hazardous, clear, odorless, environmentally friendly, and rinse-free. Mixed at a highly dilutable rate of 1 part concentrate to 64 parts water, this product is safe for human contact soon after use.

Chances are that workplaces have already taken the basic precautions of issuing personal protective gear and new guidelines as part of the new normal. The question becomes what else have you done? Employee and customer well-being have focused attention on how the workplace is serviced, including cleaning standards, indoor air quality, and hygiene. Managing these risks is increasingly falling on facility managers.

Beyond the risk of infection, an outbreak can cause irreparable damage to the reputation of a business, brand, facility, or even managers, especially if a response is slow or ineffective. Tests have shown that chemical agents used in anti-virus fogging can continue to act toward preventing future outbreaks, with residual efficacy possibly extending into months. A regular virucidal schedule can provide building tenants and customers with a level of comfort for their safety and health that will protect lives, as well as business operations and reputations.

Weighing the benefits against the risk of not acting, it becomes clear that virucide electrostatic fogging is a strong and effective tool for today’s property manager.

In California, CAM Property Services provides cleaning and disinfecting services to more than 1,300 properties. Please contact us today at 800-576-3050 to order the best professional facility services for your business.

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