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Responding to the urgent threat of COVID-19 and setting the foundation for permanent changes will be crucial as the commercial property industry reinvents itself.

COVID-19 has had transformative effects on how society lives, works, and plays. The commercial arena has shifted drastically from traditional settings to cautious travel, work from home policies, and office closures.

Businesses and consumers alike are narrowing their wallets to spend only on essentials. Effective cash management entails focusing on resiliency, sustainability and efficient capital expenditure decisions. Real estate leaders must act now to make several decisions on thousands of scenarios, rather than broad, portfolio-wide decisions.

How can a property owner go beyond adapting to COVID-19?

To ease fear among end-users and improve morale, along with the profit and productivity that follows, property owners and tenants must raise their own credibility to earn the confidence of consumers.

Successfully acclimating to the pandemic era requires property leaders to mitigate harmful pathogens by proactively pursuing and implementing strategies that are tailor-made to their businesses.

property manager consulting environmental health and safety expert in California
pandemic woman afraid to return to work office or shopping center
California business office building reopening as workers return to work

One such course would be to engage with a professional specializing in Environment Health and Safety (EHS). These specialists are trained in planning and implementing practices that address these converging factors.

Here are some of the ways an EHS specialist can help commercial properties:

  • Quickly scaling the ‘new normal’ in a manner the consumer can visualize and trust
  • Developing protocols for cleaning, sanitizing, and adapting common areas
  • Providing consolidated services and solutions

The following quote should be the operating mantra of every company as you start to pivot.  Now is the time to review and reset how your business operates.

“Adapt or perish, now as ever, is nature’s inexorable imperative.” – H.G. Wells

As overwhelming as it sounds, there is tremendous opportunity here. This truly is a time when you can increase your risk agility, reduce bottom line costs and elevate your preparedness. This increased agility will be invaluable to the future resilience of your business.

At CAM Property Services, we are helping clients across several asset classes achieve just that. Our EHS expertise can yield highly targeted property solutions and services. With statewide reach and local facility professionals, we can provide insights on how your asset should evolve, determine best procedures and protocols, help you address reopening concerns, and reinvent space. Our team is ready to help keep everyone safe and in business.

About The Author: Pranav Heryani is an EHS & Sustainability Specialist. Among the next generation of environmental professionals, his projects have encompassed both local and international efforts toward green initiatives with practical sustainability for the commercial sector.


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