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The first impression you project to your tenants and their customers is an important factor in the success of your operation. For 32 years, CAM Property Services has provided clients with high-quality workmanship and specialized offerings to improve the value and attractiveness of commercial, retail, and government buildings.

Here are the Top 5 ways property managers can benefit when they contract building services from CAM Property Services:

Make Your Property Shine

From Class A offices and retail centers to universities and government facilities, CAM Property Services keeps buildings and businesses sparkling. Hiring a professional cleaning service to assist with your cleaning needs can improve your professional image. There is nothing more embarrassing than having customers or tenants view a business as unprofessional and messy. CAM uses the latest techniques, tools, materials, and green-certified cleaning solutions to ensure your business delivers a great first impression. Additional cleaning services include full-service janitorial programs, window cleaning, day porter, post-construction cleanup, and expert floor care. Big or small, we can do it all.

Sanitation employee

Expertise and Quality of Service

Every business operates differently, in fact, some facilities take it upon themselves to sweep and scrub. While this is certainly viable for smaller locations, medium and large-sized enterprises require more attention, care, and expertise. Not all commercial cleaning companies are equal in the level of service they perform. The range of services offered by CAM covers every need, from regular cleaning to restoration and remediation.

Hygienic Work Environment

Because of the high-volume of traffic that an office sees on any given day, it’s no surprise that they’re also a breeding ground for germs and bacteria to grow and spread among employees. Aside from the health concerns a dirty workspace creates, it can also pose potential dangers for accidents and personal injury to employees. Commercial workspaces benefit from industrial level cleaning, specialty services such as high/low dusting, heavy vacuuming, and industrial strength cleaning solutions. Additionally, professional industrial cleaning staff are trained in the most effective ways to clean an office, removing any potential health and safety concerns.

Higher Productivity and Employee Retention

A messy, unsanitary office stifles productivity. Employees become distracted, more irritable, and less motivated to get things done. Even worse, an unclean workplace tends to cause added sick days as germs are more easily spread. Conversely, hiring competent office cleaning services can result in fewer sick days and higher productivity. If a company fails to keep its workplace clean, employees may leave and find another job with a better sanitation regimen. Hiring cleaning services for your occupants is just as important as hiring them for your visitors.

Prevent Larger Problems

One of the most important jobs of a facility manager is to address small issues before they become big problems. Timely cleanups can prevent rodent infestations, accidents, or other hazards. Regular professional maintenance generally prevents these calamities from occurring. Cleaning services will maintain important aspects of your business so you can avoid problems that may become unmanageable.

Is it time for your business to hire a professional building cleaning service? Call the property professionals at CAM Property Services to discuss your specific cleaning needs.

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