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Parking lots have become a focal point for businesses and customers like never before – from order pickup to drive-thru services to outdoor dining. As health concerns increase, people are taking more notice of unclean and unsanitary environments. Parking lots are often the first and last impressions for visitors. It is critical to present the cleanest property possible. Thorough parking lot sweeping is important to keep customers returning.

Janitorial dustpan and broom sweeping may work for small areas and tight spaces, but industrial sweeper trucks are necessary for the effective cleaning of parking lots. These vehicles use side brushes with rotating bristles to scrape hard surfaces, loosen debris, and sweep the lots clean. Some vehicles use water and liquid solvents for additional cleaning power and to reduce dust. There are also vacuum truck sweepers for lighter duty.

On concrete surfaces, if a parking lot is particularly blemished with oil, tar, and other grime, it may be necessary to engage in high-temperature power washing or steam cleaning. These methods are effective for breaking down difficult automotive fluids that have accumulated over time. Aged gum or tar appearing as black spots are another common, yet stubborn parking lot blemish removed through power washing.

Some property managers rely on hand-held blowers for cleaning their parking lots. This is effective in the right cases and ideal for frequent in-between cleanings.

Another reason for using commercial parking lot sweepers is to extend the longevity of pavement, asphalt, slurry coating, and striping. Leaked automotive fluids are corrosive, while sand and dirt are abrasive materials that can shorten the life of pavement and line striping.

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There are other benefits to cleaning and maintaining parking lots. Parking lot sweeping is effective at removing stormwater pollutants that can enter or hinder the municipal water sewer system. Fines and lawsuits can be avoided from non-compliance with ADA regulations with proper parking lot striping, painting, and handicap signage.

It is an ideal time to improve parking lot maintenance standards for a wide variety of reasons. Most importantly it will facilitate the return of customers in an era when cleanliness is being scrutinized at previously unseen levels.

One more thing to consider is: What areas are included with parking lot sweeping? A company that provides great service and value will include sidewalks, dumpster enclosures, pad areas, and even storefronts with their parking lot cleaning. Be sure you know the boundaries when comparing services.

Other services can also dramatically improve the appearance of parking lots. Water pooling and poor runoff flow from landscape irrigation or stormwater accelerates the deterioration of parking lots. Improvements in these areas will help extend the life of the affected surfaces.

Crack repair, pothole filling, slurry seal, restriping, and landscaping can quickly renew the appearance of a worn-out parking lot. Widespread crackling – known as crocodile cracking, alligatored asphalt, or crocodiling – should also be repaired as it leads to further damage and poses a safety hazard. Improve security and traffic flow with bollard or barrier installations.

One company that provides all these services is CAM Property Services, trusted by top California retailers and companies for their parking lot sweeping and maintenance. With branch offices throughout Southern California and the Central Valley, they are equipped to handle property requests of any size. To learn more call 800-576-3050 now.


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