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We all have cars and trucks drive in and out of our area of business. Streets should be maintained regularly because pollutants can build up and enter the water system. Removing the obvious trash and debris is only one-third of the problem because after the trash is picked up, there are layers of sand, dirt, dust and other particles that remain on the property. The last layer beneath the trash and sand particles are the oil, gasoline, pesticides and nutrients such as phosphorus, which increase the overall cost of maintenance cleaning. If rain or a water run-off were to wash away these particles it could lead to a bigger problem, where the state can fine you for harming our water system.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) created and implements the Clean Water Act of 1972 which prohibits harmful chemicals and pollutants entering the water system.  The EPA has set expensive fines for any business or contactor that allows harmful pollutants to come from their property to the water system. For example, when phosphorus enters water system, it lessens oxygen supply necessary for aquatic life, causing the water to be toxic. Non-compliance penalties can add up to hundreds or thousands of dollars that your business did not originally account for.

professional worker windblow cleaning pavement
professional day porter windblow cleaning sidewalk

An easy solution to avoiding fines is to schedule a regular street sweeping program because it removes hazardous pollutants from entering the storm water opening. Besides complying with the law, street sweeping beautifies the area, giving customers a more welcoming experience. It gives your property that clean, sharp look and great curb appeal that all customers want to see.

CAM Services has the right plan to protect you against storm water runoff fines. For any size job, CAM retains the appropriate equipment with sweeping trucks and the experienced staff to handle the toughest issues. Call us at 800-576-3050 for an inspection today!


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