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Protecting your pavement against issues stemming from natural causes can save you time and money in the long term. Asphalt naturally deteriorates over the years and it’s important to keep up with maintenance. Small cracks can lead to potholes, which are expensive to fill. After a year of new asphalt, the dark black color will fade into a lighter black and the asphalt will lose some of its elasticity, which causes the cracks to appear. There are three types of repairs that can be done on asphalt: filling cracks, seal coating, and power washing.

Determining what type of repair your pavement needs will save you a lot of time. Water and other moisture trickle into the cracks making it easier for the cracks to expand1. If untreated, the asphalt starts crumbling and becomes brittle. Crack filling will prevent any moisture from seeping through the environment and into the pavement. Common causes for cracks to form on your pavement include tree roots, fuel, oil, heavy vehicles, and installation of sewers or electrical wiring. Filling cracks on pavement usually occurs after 2-3 years of normal wear and tear from traffic and environment2.

After new asphalt has been paved, it is important to seal coat it after 6-12 months when the pavement begins to wear down. Seal coating provides a clean, polished black surface to prevent erosion and oxidation to occur. Power washing a pavement should be done before any cracks appear because power washing will widen the cracks if they’re not filled. Power washing removes debris, dirt and moisture that have built up with regular use. Also, power washing gives your property a fresh clean look adding curb appeal which customers really appreciate!

CAM Services Construction & Hardscape divisions address all issues regarding your pavement. Our staff is experienced and handles these types of issues on a regular basis. Call us at 800-576-3050 for an inspection today.

small pothole in road filled with water
professional worker power washing asphalt


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