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As concerns about the environment continue to rise, California has increased their efforts to hold businesses accountable for violations. To reduce pollutants entering natural waterways and public water systems, the state has expanded the role of the California Water Boards regarding industrial stormwater runoff.

Pursuant to Senate Bill 205, the state Water Code now requires all eligible businesses renewing or applying for a business license to prove enrollment in a stormwater management program. It essentially makes it easier to catch violators by reviewing stormwater practices for all relevant businesses rather than performing random checks. The list of affected businesses is extensive.

Stormwater management is a consideration for businesses and public facilities alike, commonly implemented for shopping centers, office buildings, multifamily residential properties, municipalities, recreational parks, and industrial facilities. Here is a list of Standard Industrial Classification codes (SIC) for the businesses to which the stormwater program is automatically considered.

Stormwater runoff occurs when rain or snowmelt flows over land without soaking through the surface. This water can accumulate and transport pollutants such as oil, industrial castoff, or trash into the common waterways or ground sources. In fact, unmanaged stormwater is a major source of pollution for lakes, rivers, streams, reservoirs, and the ocean. Dry weather runoff is similarly a problem.

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Fortunately, stormwater management practices have improved dramatically in recent years. Equipment, planning, and design have evolved to where they can manage the flow and filter water before sending it into municipal sewers. Sometimes this water is even reclaimed and used onsite for landscaping and other purposes.

Even before the state mandate, property and facility managers became increasingly involved in actively addressing public concerns for green initiatives. In fact, many forward-thinking companies already benefit from integrated plans for their properties. This includes sustainability planning, which incorporates public health and safety, environmentally green solutions, hi-tech efficiencies, and partner vendor relationships.

Stormwater management is another area where a strong property partner can use their inside knowledge to help with viable and affordable solutions. A facility company that provides landscaping, hardscaping, janitorial, handyman, and construction services can be well-suited to providing effective solutions for stormwater management plans and construction.

Major engineering firms and national construction companies might not be the right fit when it comes to state mandated stormwater management plans. Working with a company that does daily business within your industry, understands the nature of your specific property, and brings more relevant experience to the table can provide real benefits and save money. After all, you really do not need a company that manages large scale municipal water projects to implement your simple stormwater runoff plan.

In California, CAM Property Services has provided facility services for properties just like yours since 1987. Their in-house team and sister company Omnia Pacific Construction can develop and execute a viable stormwater management plan for your company as they have for many of California’s top companies. To learn more today call 800-576-3050.


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