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Day porters commonly work in areas of heavy traffic where debris, dirt, and trash build up. They keep these areas spotless and appealing for those passing through. A specialized service maintains the professional appearance of a commercial property. In addition to cutting costs and ensuring a positive experience for customers, a day porter greatly improves cleaning efficiency and keeps a property looking professional.

High concentrations of people allow bacteria to spread through dirty surfaces. Offices and shopping centers are a few of the main culprits, where multiple employees work and interact with customers. The more foot traffic an area has increases the amount of spills that occur and leads to the creation of more garbage. To make matters worse, wind or foot traffic can lift debris and pollutants up into the air we breathe. Airborne dust usually travels indoors, which may cause employees to fall ill and creates a negative customer experience. We can’t resolve the problem with just a broom and picking up the obvious trash. A day porter is able to clean and disinfect lavatories, windows, carpets, remove graffiti, and empty trash.  Sweeping and mopping is a start but a day porter can go a step further. Regular cleaning with professional equipment ensures that a building is as clean as it can be.

In addition, research shows that hiring a day porter on a regular basis can prolong the lifespan of a floor. A day porter has the skill set to fix and prevent areas from bubbling or cracking. Moreover, slip and fall lawsuits have increased over the years, mainly due to poor care of cleaning spills and safety hazards. It is an accidental injury that is common in the work area and a nightmare for property owners and managers to deal with.

At CAM Services, we can help prevent dirty surfaces related issues by our experienced and knowledgeable day porter staff. Our staff can handle litter clean-up, vacancy preparation, set up a program to prolong your floors, maintain the safety of employees and customers, and assure you that your property is being taken care of. Call us at 800-576-3050 for an inspection today!

Day porter graffiti removal
Strip mall with clean parking lot


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