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Drone Inspections

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Using the latest technology to improve property services and asset management is what we do. Drone surveillance provides property inspection, detection, prevention, and protection.

Get a whole new perspective on asset protection with ground to sky visuals of your property for routine maintenance and added security.


See your property as you have never seen it before. We make it easy to get a closer look at some of the most challenging areas. Plus, you can see it on demand with cloud-based video access.

  • Hard-To-Access Rooftops

  • Utility Maintenance

  • Damage, Theft, or Vandalism

  • Overall Building Security

  • Under-Inspected Areas

  • Building Fronts

  • Alleys & Rear Walls

  • Perimeter Scans


Beyond normal inspections, there are circumstances in which drone inspections are an ideal, cost-effective tool for property managers to get challenging information easily.

  • View Video Feed Off-Site

  • Efficiently Covering Large Zones

  • Check Unoccupied Buildings

  • Locate Homeless Encampments

  • Prevent Costly Roof Maintenance

  • Access Hazardous Areas


The wave of the future has arrived with high definition video surveillance for asset protection. Regular inspections provide archival records on the condition of your property asset.

  • Great for Insurance Purposes

  • Detailed Information For Repairs

  • Alleviate Human Error

  • Complement Walk-Up Inspections

  • Check Storefront Board-Ups

  • Aerial Storefront Survey

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