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We service multifamily properties throughout California, whether an apartment building, complex, condominium, duplex, townhouse, or senior living facility.

Alex Urasaki
Alex UrasakiBusiness Developer - Multifamily
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We have a variety of tools and techniques for cleaning your property. Each hard surface is different, requiring special cleaning methods and we have them all.

Effectively using pressure washing, power washing, or steam cleaning we get the job done. Our team uses cleansers, detergents, disinfectants, virucides, germicides, environmental green solutions, and high-temperature agents to clean and sanitize.

Hard Surfaces

The best way to remove filth and grime from exterior hard surfaces and industrial work areas is with power or high temperature washing.

  • Entryways

  • Windows

  • Brick & Masonry

  • Facades

  • Awnings

  • Columns

  • Vertical Surfaces

  • Signage

  • Concrete/Asphalt

  • High Areas & Fixtures


Customers demand a high level of clean in today’s environment. Sanitize frequent public areas and places susceptible to waste, spillage, and contamination.

  • Sidewalks/Walkways

  • Facades & Storefronts

  • Customer Pickup

  • Parking Lot & Garages

  • Dining Patios

  • Vending Areas

  • Drive-Thru Lanes

  • Trash Area & Equipment

Problem Areas

Stubborn messes can create lingering hazards, liabilities, and public health concerns. Future maintenance issues are also a concern. Sometimes regular cleaning is not enough.

  • Black Marks & Tar

  • Sticky Substances

  • Oil & Automotive Fluids

  • Chewing Gum

  • Layered Dirt

  • Bird Droppings

  • Tough Grime

  • Hard Water Stains

  • Rust

  • Paint/Graffiti


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