Trash Bin & Dumpster Washing

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Proper trash disposal is an often overlooked but crucial aspect of property ownership in any industry. Ensuring regular maintenance of your trash receptacles keeps your property fresh, clean, and attractive from every angle.

Our team at CAM Property Services are professionals in leveraging their waste-management expertise to enhance your property’s curb appeal. Routine service for your trash receptacles helps to avoid fire hazards, fines, health issues, and safety code violations.

Dumpster Cleaning / Sanitizing

No matter the industry, a thoroughly-maintained property is pivotal – don’t overlook your dumpsters. Regular cleaning prevents the buildup of harmful bacteria, which keeps your dumpsters smelling fresh and helps to extend their lifespan.

  • Reduce Odors

  • Improve Appearance

  • Reduce Pest Infestation Risk

  • Prevents Contamination

  • Improves Air Quality

  • Reduces Fire Hazards

Trash Bin Cleaning / Sanitizing

Whether you’re a home or property owner, proper trash bin upkeep makes a large impact. Routine cleaning and sanitizing help to significantly mitigate the spread of harmful, illness-causing germs and bacteria while neutralizing unpleasant smells that attract pests and insects.

  • Eliminate Germs & Bacteria

  • Reduce Odors

  • Improve Appearance

  • Avoid Costly Repairs & Replacements

  • Enhance Environmental Safety

  • Increase Visitor Satisfaction

Commercial Bin Cleaning / Sanitizing

Even in the most spotless properties, owners may often neglect their commercial bins – to their detriment. Regular cleaning of commercial bins can help to reduce expensive repairs and replacements, ensure compliance with health and safety regulations, and prevent damage to your property from spills, leaks, and overflows.

  • Affordable

  • Complies with Health Regulations

  • Prevents Property Damage

  • Protects Reputation

  • Increases Sustainability

  • Improves Workplace Safety

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