Winter is Coming: Is Your Property Prepared to Weather the Storm?


From roof inspection to stormwater management, CAM has you covered As the winter season approaches, Southern Californians may not experience the frigid temperatures and snowfall that residents in other parts of the country do. However, it’s essential for commercial property owners to recognize that even in milder climates, winter weather can bring its own set of challenges. At CAM Property Services, we’re uniquely attuned to those needs, and available to assist property managers, building owners and municipalities prepare for the colder, wetter months ahead. By taking a proactive approach to winterizing your property, you can ensure its longevity and [...]

Winter is Coming: Is Your Property Prepared to Weather the Storm?2023-11-28T14:37:18-08:00

CAM Property Services: Your Spring-Cleaning Pros


After an unusually cold and wet Winter, Spring has finally sprung here in Southern California. And you know what that means — it’s time for Spring Cleaning. If you own and/or manage multifamily, retail or office property, this task can seem like a daunting undertaking. Fortunately, the Property Pros at CAM Property Services are here to help lighten your load with everything from repairs and enhancements to cleaning and landscaping. JANITORIAL Let's start with the most straightforward way we can help achieve your Spring Cleaning goals. No matter the challenge, our Janitorial Pros will make your property [...]

CAM Property Services: Your Spring-Cleaning Pros2023-07-27T20:05:25-07:00

California Steps Up Enforcement of Stormwater Management Violations


As concerns about the environment continue to rise, California has increased their efforts to hold businesses accountable for violations. To reduce pollutants entering natural waterways and public water systems, the state has expanded the role of the California Water Boards regarding industrial stormwater runoff. Pursuant to Senate Bill 205, the state Water Code now requires all eligible businesses renewing or applying for a business license to prove enrollment in a stormwater management program. It essentially makes it easier to catch violators by reviewing stormwater practices for all relevant businesses rather than performing random checks. The list of affected businesses [...]

California Steps Up Enforcement of Stormwater Management Violations2023-03-01T21:14:14-08:00

Will Your Property Weather the Weather This Season?


’Tis the season, and that not only means heavier traffic at your property but winter weather, as well. Although Southern California property owners are spared from the harsh winter conditions experienced in other regions, all it takes is one heavy rainstorm to put your building or parking lot out of commission. So, is your property ready to weather the storm this winter? It pays to be proactive, literally. By taking these necessary precautions before winter storms hit, property owners can save money by avoiding costly repairs after the fact. CAM Property Services is here to help you take action [...]

Will Your Property Weather the Weather This Season?2023-02-27T22:23:23-08:00

From the Desk of Our EHS Specialist: The Importance of Stormwater Management


Stormwater runoff is precipitation that flows across land, permeates into soil, merges into bodies of water, or evaporates back into the atmosphere. However, in urban environments, rainfall flows quickly across hard surfaces laden with pollutants. These contaminants are swept into waterways via drains and streams. Improperly managed stormwater runoff can cause several problems for businesses, including property damage and regulatory violations. Flooding: As stormwater flows over impermeable surfaces, such as roofs and pavement, large volumes of water can collect or flow rapidly, often causing property damage. Stormwater can also contribute to natural disasters by instantly raising water levels leading [...]

From the Desk of Our EHS Specialist: The Importance of Stormwater Management2023-02-20T18:43:45-08:00