Why Stuck Valves Are Important To Your Water Bill!


What do valves get stuck? Plumbing valves help maintain water flow into landscaping irrigation, sinks, toilets and more. These valves are not used often because once they are turned on, they are left on. In an emergency such as a broken water pipe, it is essential that shut-off valves are working properly to limit the damage and water loss. Water conservation from damaged valves is the main concern because the drought is putting a strain on consumption, and excessive water leaks can lead to heavy fines. Shut-off valves, also called stop valves or angle stops, are usually placed in [...]

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Find Out How to Protect Your Pavement Against Wear and Tear


Protecting your pavement against issues stemming from natural causes can save you time and money in the long term. Asphalt naturally deteriorates over the years and it’s important to keep up with maintenance. Small cracks can lead to potholes, which are expensive to fill. After a year of new asphalt, the dark black color will fade into a lighter black and the asphalt will lose some of its elasticity, which causes the cracks to appear. There are three types of repairs that can be done on asphalt: filling cracks, seal coating, and power washing. Determining what type of repair [...]

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How Contracted Property Services Improve Multifamily Safety


The eyes and ears of a dedicated service partner can make the difference between complete safety and potential hazard. When it comes to multifamily property management, it’s critical to contract with a team that provides an abundance of services — in all the necessary places — throughout your property. Southern California-based CAM Property Services adeptly identifies problem areas and provides site audit reports detailing conditions that could pose a safety risk. When a company provides multiple services, its employees tend to be more attuned to safety concerns on a larger scale. Empowering them to file a site audit report [...]

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Staying Ahead of ‘The Great Relocation’


As the world continues to rebound from the COVID-19 pandemic, many commercial building owners and shopping center managers are feeling optimistic for a return to pre-pandemic conditions. And with that expectation comes an emerging trend in which tenants are seeking out new locations that offer superior leases and amenities. We call it, “The Great Relocation.” After successfully weathering a global pandemic, now is not the time to get left behind. Restoring your property to its pre-COVID shine should be of utmost importance in order to retain your current tenants and gain new ones. Luckily for you, CAM Property Services [...]

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