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As the world continues to rebound from the COVID-19 pandemic, many commercial building owners and shopping center managers are feeling optimistic for a return to pre-pandemic conditions. And with that expectation comes an emerging trend in which tenants are seeking out new locations that offer superior leases and amenities.

We call it, “The Great Relocation.”

After successfully weathering a global pandemic, now is not the time to get left behind. Restoring your property to its pre-COVID shine should be of utmost importance in order to retain your current tenants and gain new ones.

Luckily for you, CAM Property Services is here to help. Our property experts perform an array of critical services that can help bring your building back to life without breaking the bank. From making a strong first impression with superior outdoor maintenance to keeping your interiors looking as good as new, CAM has you covered.


People make first impressions, and so do places. This is why properly maintaining the exterior of your building is so critical. Visitors form an impression long before they step inside. Is it clean? Is there paint chipping away? Is the landscaping up to date? Is the parking lot well lit? Are there potholes?

All these elements should be considered before introducing a potential new tenant to your property.

Cigarette butts, glass, trash bags, and other debris aren’t just eye sores — they’re hazards that can cost you a tenant in the long run. CAM can help prevent this from becoming an issue with our parking lot sweeping services. We don’t just make your parking lot feel safer, we’ll make it more appealing. Additionally, CAM can haul illegal dumping from your property.

Street sweeper cleaning gutters

Other headaches like damaged facia from sign removal, old signage, vandalism, and neglected landscaping can further damage your property’s image and value. CAM’s experienced team can handle these problems and others. From using nutrient-rich mulch in landscaping to repairing damaged areas surrounding the building, we’ll have your property looking its best in no time.


Once potential tenants are inside, the real sales pitch begins. Having a clean space to showcase can make or break a deal. CAM can help smooth the transition from one tenant to the next through our vacancy prep services. These services include cleaning the interior and exterior of your vacancy, shelling out the space, and smoking out the windows to effectively showcase your property.

People walking around in large indoor mall serviced by CAM property services

After a new tenant has signed on, keeping them happy is paramount. An attentive area manager can do just that. CAM’s experts have a keen eye for floor care, maintenance, and handyman services. Both tenants and customers will feel at ease knowing that your property is well maintained and monitored.

Getting your property back to pre-pandemic levels can feel like a major challenge. With help from CAM, you can make your property appeal to new tenants while retaining your current ones. From maintaining your parking lot to keeping your interiors looking as good as new, CAM is your property management partner.

Call us today to get started at (800) 576-3050.

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