CAM Property Services: Where excellence meets opportunity.


Unlock your potential with an exciting new career at CAM Are you looking for an exciting career opportunity in the property services industry? Look no further than CAM Property Services — a dynamic, Southern California-based company that fosters personal and professional growth. Why CAM Property Services? CAM understands that success is deeply rooted in the talents and dedication of our valued team members. As our clientele continues to expand beyond Southern California, we're seeking talented, passionate individuals who are driven and ready to contribute to our collective success. Beyond the basics Joining CAM Property Services isn't just [...]

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Interview with David A. Herrera


Leading a New Paradigm in Innovation and Philanthropy at CAM Property Services As the President of CAM Property Services, David A. Herrera, known for his magnetic personality and unwavering leadership, has transformed CAM Property Services from a small property management company into an industry powerhouse. Today, Herrera is taking a hands-on approach to rebranding CAM, developing an innovative company culture, and investing in philanthropy.Here’s a little insight to David’s leadership behind the scenes and what it truly means to be a leader with a benevolent mission:Q. After being in business for over 32 years, which is most important [...]

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Interview with Matthew Budnick


The Keys to Inspiring a Successful Company Culture of Innovation at CAM Property Services Proactive organizations recognize the importance of consciously innovating and permeating that philosophy throughout all levels of the company. Superior results emerge when strategies, business models, structure, processes, technologies, tools, and reward systems fire on all cylinders in symphonic unison. As the Director of Operations for CAM Property Services, Matthew Budnick thrives on creating a vibrant company culture driving growth and innovation. Here’s a little insight into Matt’s leadership behind the scenes: Q. According to CAM President David A. Herrera, the core values of CAM [...]

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