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The Keys to Inspiring a Successful Company Culture of Innovation at CAM Property Services

Matthew Bundwick Profile PictureProactive organizations recognize the importance of consciously innovating and permeating that philosophy throughout all levels of the company. Superior results emerge when strategies, business models, structure, processes, technologies, tools, and reward systems fire on all cylinders in symphonic unison. As the Director of Operations for CAM Property Services, Matthew Budnick thrives on creating a vibrant company culture driving growth and innovation.

Here’s a little insight into Matt’s leadership behind the scenes:

Q. According to CAM President David A. Herrera, the core values of CAM Property Services are fundamental to the company culture. As a leader, how do you encourage your employees to exemplify those core values?

A. The key to culture is making sure the values are clear and put into action. We’ve created a friendly competition in which every employee strives to mirror our brand and embody our three core values – Friendly, Responsive, Partnership – and voted on by their peers and management to be recognized as a CAM Brand Ambassador.

By reinforcing our core values every step of the way, from an inspection report to a conversation with a client to the nomination process, employees at CAM Property Services are incentivized to do the right thing. In turn, it’s created a collaborative work atmosphere where employees are happy and encouraged to give 100% every day.

Q. How would you describe your corporate culture at CAM Property Services?

A. We work hard and we’re not afraid of getting our hands dirty. Our open-door policy is such that if anyone has a good idea, we encourage them to put it out there and, if it has merit, we’re going to implement it. For an employee who isn’t an executive or manager, that’s a fantastic opportunity to make a difference at CAM.

Q. How do you inspire innovative thinking to meet your clients’ needs?

A. When I first came on board, we didn’t offer many of the innovative services we have today. Now it’s part of our everyday culture to think of ways to meet our clients’ future needs. David is all about efficiency and getting people the latest tools to be successful. For example, I believe we were one of the first property maintenance companies to have an in-house app to produce reports and have the capability to communicate with our clients using the latest technology. What’s most essential for us is saving clients time and money, which all goes back to innovation.

Q. Would you consider the multifamily sector to be one of your areas for innovation?

A. We rely on facts, not feelings. Through our research, we saw an opportunity in the multifamily segment which was not being met by any other company.

We won significant contracts in this arena, mainly because of our trash chute cleaning service. It was this offering that propelled us into multifamily seven – eight years ago, and it has continued to be a large portion of our growing business.

Ultimately, the willingness to take risks has allowed us to try new services such as drone inspections. We want to be more than a maintenance and cleaning company; we want to continue to be the best partner and consistently add value to our clients.

Q. What is your proudest accomplishment at CAM Property Services thus far?

A. When I started here six years ago, we had no set way of aggregating business intelligence. Seizing the opportunity, we analyzed three – five years of data and began predicting trends through analysis of key performance indicators. We continue to expand on that data and are now integrating Microsoft Power BI and business intelligence so that it’s available on all our employees’ phones and tablets in real-time. This proprietary app will allow our team to increase efficiency, which ultimately improves our customer service and bottom line. It’s the way of the future, making decisions based on accurate information and facts. I’m driven by improving our efficiency, increasing our service quality, and maximizing our impact in the marketplace.


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