When it Comes to E-Bikes, CAM Puts Safety First


In recent years, the popularity of electric bikes and electric scooters has grown exponentially, with more and more people opting for these convenient and eco-friendly modes of transportation. And it’s easy to see why — they offer a range of benefits, from reduced emissions to decreased travel time and increased affordability. As a result, they’re quickly becoming the transportation mode of choice for city dwellers and urban commuters, cementing them as a staple of modern life. There is a catch, however. As with many lithium-ion battery products, e-bikes run the risk of catching fire or even exploding. The U.S. [...]

When it Comes to E-Bikes, CAM Puts Safety First2024-07-11T13:01:11-07:00

5 Ways Every Facility Can Benefit From CAM Property Services


The first impression you project to your tenants and their customers is an important factor in the success of your operation. For 32 years, CAM Property Services has provided clients with high-quality workmanship and specialized offerings to improve the value and attractiveness of commercial, retail, and government buildings. Here are the Top 5 ways property managers can benefit when they contract building services from CAM Property Services: Make Your Property Shine From Class A offices and retail centers to universities and government facilities, CAM Property Services keeps buildings and businesses sparkling. Hiring a professional cleaning service to assist with [...]

5 Ways Every Facility Can Benefit From CAM Property Services2024-05-03T14:07:39-07:00