Clean it with Compassion.


The issue of homelessness has long been a contentious one in California, with elected officials and property owners facing numerous legal challenges in their efforts to address encampments that pose health and safety risks to both individuals and the community. The Supreme Court has spoken. Last month’s Supreme Court ruling in the case of City of Grants Pass v. Johnson has provided much-needed clarity and authority to these stakeholders, enabling them to implement effective solutions. With the legal landscape now more favorable for action, local municipalities, shopping center owners, and building managers are looking for reliable partners [...]

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One call does it all: The benefits of partnering with CAM Property Services


When it comes to property management, efficiency and cost-effectiveness are paramount. That’s why partnering with a multi-faceted services company like CAM Property Services is a smart choice for building managers and owners. Offering a wide array of services under one roof, the Property Pros ensure your space stays in top shape, saving you time, money, and hassle. Here are some key benefits of working with CAM: Comprehensive service offerings CAM offers an abundance of services designed to maintain and enhance your property’s appeal, value, and functionality, including: Landscaping: Expertly maintained lawns, gardens, and outdoor spaces that enhance curb appeal. [...]

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