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Make sure your property complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) for disabled visitors with CASp compliant upgrades. Protect from costly lawsuits and fines stemming from ADA violations.

Our licensed experts provide Certified Access Specialist (CASp) inspections for commercial properties, community associations, government agencies and retail stores throughout California. An experienced construction team offers remediation and retrofit solutions to bring your site into compliance with federal and state codes. Our process has helped hundreds of landlords save money and win court cases.

ADA Consulting and Retrofitting

Devastating ADA challenges can arrive without warning. Property managers in California should call now for a consultation about CASp inspections and ADA compliance before it becomes a costly issue.

  • ADA Compliance & Remediation

  • CASp Inspections, Surveys and Certification

  • Parking Spaces, Striping and Signage

  • Curb & Sidewalk Wheelchair Access Ramps

  • Asphalt Stall Leveling

  • Paths of Travel Compliance

  • Handrail Installation

  • Hall, Lobby and Restroom Retrofitting

Most Common ADA Violations

Based on information from lawsuits filed citing the ADA, the California Commission on Disability Access (CCDA) identifies the following as the most common violations.

  • Access Height of Counters, Bars or Tables

  • Uneven Surfaces on Travel Path

  • Number of Handicap Parking Spaces

  • Parking Signage, Faded Paint, or Slope

  • Interior Flooring Surface or Slope

  • Door Hardware, Threshold, or Kick Plate

  • Loading Zones and Van Access

  • Curb Ramps or Entrance Ramps

Why are violations costly

Code enforcement against businesses violating the ADA continues to rise. Law firms have targeted businesses for ADA lawsuits in California, as the laws are more favorable to plaintiffs than elsewhere.

  • State and Federal Agency Enforcement

  • Law Firms Sue for Little Known ADA Infractions

  • Also Classified as Civil Rights Violations

  • Venue Shopping Allowed in State or Federal Court

  • Business License Does Not Mean ADA Compliance

  • Building Permits Issued Regardless of ADA Compliance

  • Code Violations Are Difficult to Identify

  • California Has 43% of All USA Cases

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