California Drought Resources

California has been in a state of drought for the past three years, but on January 17, 2014, Governor Jerry Brown officially declared California in a drought emergency.  Since then, the drought has intensely worsened; on July 29, 2014 58.4% of the state was declared to be in a state of “exceptional drought,” also known as the worst category.  Conservation efforts are needed now more than ever. In an effort to decrease water waste, water regulators in California approved tougher conservation measures which will take effect on August 1, 2014 and will remain in effect for at least the next 270 days.  These include daily fines of $500 to crack down on excessive outdoor watering and irrigation restrictions.  Many water agencies are hiring “water cops,” conservation staff hired to respond to complaints about excessive water use by businesses and residences, often writing tickets or issuing fines.

CA drought map

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