How to Brighten Up the Office (And Your Employees)


Summer is here and the longer, warmer days greatly affect the environment of your office. Even though people don’t always look forward to working in a cubicle with noisy coworkers, studies show that the addition of indoor plants, water fixtures, and access to a garden can increase alertness, longer attention spans, and lower blood pressure, leading to reduced employer’s health expenses. A happy and healthy staff will be even more productive and appreciate the brighter environment. Landscape design is crucial to an appealing property and thus requires the right balance of plants. Drought-resistant landscape is low maintenance and limits [...]

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Avoiding Street Sweeping Can Lead to Fines


We all have cars and trucks drive in and out of our area of business. Streets should be maintained regularly because pollutants can build up and enter the water system. Removing the obvious trash and debris is only one-third of the problem because after the trash is picked up, there are layers of sand, dirt, dust and other particles that remain on the property. The last layer beneath the trash and sand particles are the oil, gasoline, pesticides and nutrients such as phosphorus, which increase the overall cost of maintenance cleaning. If rain or a water run-off were to [...]

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Find Out How to Protect Your Pavement Against Wear and Tear


Protecting your pavement against issues stemming from natural causes can save you time and money in the long term. Asphalt naturally deteriorates over the years and it’s important to keep up with maintenance. Small cracks can lead to potholes, which are expensive to fill. After a year of new asphalt, the dark black color will fade into a lighter black and the asphalt will lose some of its elasticity, which causes the cracks to appear. There are three types of repairs that can be done on asphalt: filling cracks, seal coating, and power washing. Determining what type of repair [...]

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How Pedestrian Access Provides Protection from Lawsuits


Accessible routes for pedestrians are an ongoing debate for commercial and office retail spaces,  although the requirement for a property owner to have accessible routes from the public walking path to connecting all buildings on the site is part of the 2013 California Building Code. The question arises when a site only has a vehicular access point from the building entrance to the facility, and whether or not there should be pedestrian access. Most property owners believe that if a concrete or asphalt path is the access point between buildings in a facility, they are not responsible for providing [...]

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Turf Control Tips from the Pros


Maintaining a luscious, green lawn cannot be accomplished with watering and mowing alone. Healthy turf depends on many factors including nutrients, which are essential elements (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) that are absorbed by the roots of the grass from the soil.  When the soil does not provide adequate nutrients for your lawn to be in healthy shape, fertilizer is necessary to fill the void and help maintain that potent green color of the grass. When is a good time to fertilize your lawn? It usually depends on the color of your grass. A proper fertilized lawn will be a homogenous, [...]

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Why Stuck Valves Are Important To Your Water Bill!


What do valves get stuck? Plumbing valves help maintain water flow into landscaping irrigation, sinks, toilets and more. These valves are not used often because once they are turned on, they are left on. In an emergency such as a broken water pipe, it is essential that shut-off valves are working properly to limit the damage and water loss. Water conservation from damaged valves is the main concern because the drought is putting a strain on consumption, and excessive water leaks can lead to heavy fines. Shut-off valves, also called stop valves or angle stops, are usually placed in [...]

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Landlord Responsibility in ADA Lawsuits


A federal district court in Northern California has determined that landlords need to be more proactive when it comes to the accessibility of their tenant spaces. Historically, commercial landlords have not concerned themselves with areas outside of their own exterior common area because their leases state that the tenant is responsible for ADA compliance. In this case, the court agreed that although the ADA allows landlords and tenants to allocate the responsibility for compliance between themselves, both parties are liable for violations in leased spaces with respect to persons with disabilities who are denied access. Both the landlord and tenant were [...]

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Can I Use A Robot Vacuum To Clean My Office?


With dozens of robot vacuum cleaner models on the market and millions sold each year, it is no surprise that they have become one of the top holiday gifts. Chances are that you or someone you know has received one. The iRobot Roomba seems to have started it all when they hit the market in 2002 and they have continued to improve features year after year. Since then, competitors have entered the marketplace, such as the Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac, Shark IQ, Ecovacs Deebot, Samsung PowerBot, and Neato Botvac. Right about now, someone is asking themselves if [...]

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Tips for Landscaping and Tree Trimming in Early Spring from Commercial Property Pros


Early spring is the perfect time for building managers to act on landscaping and tree trimming plans for the year ahead. Working with a landscape services company now can give your greenery the deep-rooted foundation for a successful growing season. The goal is to maximize plant health early in the season to establish long-term success. Here are the types of maintenance landscapers should be doing for your property according to experienced professionals. Be sure to continue watering your plants appropriately. Even if you’ve neglected other landscape maintenance throughout the winter, watering should remain consistent to maintain plant health and to prevent [...]

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How Drone Inspections Increase Efficiency for Property Managers


Incorporating technology into property maintenance makes sense, especially when it saves time and money while improving results. Aerial drone inspections accomplish all of that for property managers, owners, and stakeholders. Now in their second decade of mainstream commercial use, drones have become more efficient and effective than ever. Commercial property managers have come to rely on recorded video surveillance of their assets from all angles for maintenance, asset protection, owner reports, and insurance. Easier access to previously challenging viewpoints means that property managers can view and identify potential maintenance problems in the early stages. Managers can reduce operating costs [...]

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