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Recalibrating Property Management for Environment, Health, and Safety with CAM Property Services

Weathering the COVID-19 storm with an EHS Specialist

Amidst the uncertainties that surround the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, an opportunity presents itself as a solution for future growth – recalibrating existing business models to ensure environmental, health, and safety (EHS) concerns have a seat in the decision-making process.

Rather than relying on business-as-usual solutions, real estate leaders are now looking to environmentalists, sociologists, and futurists for answers.

As evident in the financial crisis of 2008, while some assets survive through adaptation, others fade. Acting quickly, decisively, and consistently will not only determine the fate of the players but also the industry after it eventually reinvents itself.

The smartest players are now thinking about how their respective industries will change and are altering their strategy accordingly. Here is how EHS should be a part of your new normal strategy:

  • Technical Know-How: Understand the technicalities of science-based solutions
  • Industry Expertise: Evaluate the bigger picture to identify maximum impact solutions
  • Tactical Revenue Strategies: Optimize business functionality

Moreover, this goes beyond adapting. Implementing preventative measures will be bold steps to deepening your relationship with employees, customers, investors, and other stakeholders.

Here at CAM Property Services, we know what you do next matters. We have been focused on how we can adapt our diverse array of property management services, EHS subject matter expertise, and technology – to best support our existing and new clients in moving forward successfully.

Our holistic approach, CONFIDENCE+, is designed to maximize operations engagement, with an eye toward your bottom line, at a time when it is most imperative.

By focusing on the latest and safest EHS guidelines, applying the fundamentals of cleaning and evaluating assets from a social science perspective, we utilize our broad service capabilities, providing strategies that focus on increasing revenue and productivity while mitigating risk.

Be assured that the CAM Property Services team is here to support your business during these challenging times. If you want to ensure your property is a sanitized space and implement EHS within your business, please reach out to us so that we can help you pave the path forward to the next normal.

About The Author: Pranav Heryani is an EHS & Sustainability Specialist. Among the next generation of environmental professionals, his projects have encompassed both local and international efforts toward green initiatives with practical sustainability for the commercial sector.


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