A Clean Sweep: CAM Property Services Earns IREM and BOMA Awards


Company's Associates Receive Industry Honors for Partner of the Year, Associate of the Year TORRANCE, CA - (January 15, 2023) – CAM Property Services, one of Southern California’s largest and most trusted commercial property maintenance companies, recently earned three of the industry’s most prestigious honors from the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) and the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA): Partner of the Year from IREM’s San Diego chapter for CAM Property Services/Business Developer Ben Arvizu Associate of the Year from IREM’s Inland Empire chapter for Area Manager Jaime Ramirez Associate of the Year from BOMA’s San Diego [...]

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Top 10 ADA Violations in California


Based on information from lawsuits filed against The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) violations, as required by California Senate Bill 1186, the California Commission on Disability Access (CCDA) has compiled the following list: Top Ten Alleged Construction Issues (Jul-Dec 2019) Rank Description % 1 Access Height of Goods, Support, Services, and Equipment: Heights of surfaces such as counters, bars, or tables are not compliant. 21 2 Exterior Path of Travel – Pathway: Routes to and from parking lot or public right of way are not accessible. May include uneven surfaces or lack of detectable warnings. 11 3 Number [...]

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Interview with Matthew Budnick


The Keys to Inspiring a Successful Company Culture of Innovation at CAM Property Services Proactive organizations recognize the importance of consciously innovating and permeating that philosophy throughout all levels of the company. Superior results emerge when strategies, business models, structure, processes, technologies, tools, and reward systems fire on all cylinders in symphonic unison. As the Director of Operations for CAM Property Services, Matthew Budnick thrives on creating a vibrant company culture driving growth and innovation. Here’s a little insight into Matt’s leadership behind the scenes: Q. According to CAM President David A. Herrera, the core values of CAM [...]

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Interview with David A. Herrera


Leading a New Paradigm in Innovation and Philanthropy at CAM Property Services As the President of CAM Property Services, David A. Herrera, known for his magnetic personality and unwavering leadership, has transformed CAM Property Services from a small property management company into an industry powerhouse. Today, Herrera is taking a hands-on approach to rebranding CAM, developing an innovative company culture, and investing in philanthropy. Here’s a little insight to David’s leadership behind the scenes and what it truly means to be a leader with a benevolent mission: Q. After being in business for over 32 years, which [...]

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The Dangers of a Dirty Trash Chute


Have you ever thought about what happens when the doors of a trash chute are opened?  It’s definitely something you should be thinking about and be aware of. Recent studies have discovered the inner surface of a chute can carry more than 30 different biological and bacterial growths. If a trash chute doesn’t receive proper and timely cleaning care, all of these germs and bacteria become airborne every time the chute doors are opened. These bacteria carry all kinds of illnesses and infections throughout the building, potentially affecting occupants. Harmful Pathogens Trash chutes are breeding grounds for some harmful fungal pathogens; [...]

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Bring Your Property to Peak Condition When Switching Landscape Vendors


Have you considered the steps involved in switching landscape vendors? Oftentimes, a switch is made to achieve budget savings or service quality. Whatever your goal is for making a switch, keep these best practices in mind to ensure a seamless transition that meets both parties’ expectations. One-time cleanup to ensure a fast transition Weeding Control overgrown plants and create favorable growing conditions Remove dead brush and plant material Mulch installation Improve appearance instantly and inhibit weed growth Trimming Cut back shrubs, trees, and hedges Irrigation audit Optimize water schedule Ensure all valves, lines and timers function properly Repair broken sprinklers [...]

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What Hiring a Day Porter Can Do For You


Day porters commonly work in areas of heavy traffic where debris, dirt, and trash build up. They keep these areas spotless and appealing for those passing through. A specialized service maintains the professional appearance of a commercial property. In addition to cutting costs and ensuring a positive experience for customers, a day porter greatly improves cleaning efficiency and keeps a property looking professional. High concentrations of people allow bacteria to spread through dirty surfaces. Offices and shopping centers are a few of the main culprits, where multiple employees work and interact with customers. The more foot traffic an area [...]

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How to Brighten Up the Office (And Your Employees)


Summer is here and the longer, warmer days greatly affect the environment of your office. Even though people don’t always look forward to working in a cubicle with noisy coworkers, studies show that the addition of indoor plants, water fixtures, and access to a garden can increase alertness, longer attention spans, and lower blood pressure, leading to reduced employer’s health expenses. A happy and healthy staff will be even more productive and appreciate the brighter environment. Landscape design is crucial to an appealing property and thus requires the right balance of plants. Drought-resistant landscape is low maintenance and limits [...]

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Avoiding Street Sweeping Can Lead to Fines


We all have cars and trucks drive in and out of our area of business. Streets should be maintained regularly because pollutants can build up and enter the water system. Removing the obvious trash and debris is only one-third of the problem because after the trash is picked up, there are layers of sand, dirt, dust and other particles that remain on the property. The last layer beneath the trash and sand particles are the oil, gasoline, pesticides and nutrients such as phosphorus, which increase the overall cost of maintenance cleaning. If rain or a water run-off were to [...]

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Find Out How to Protect Your Pavement Against Wear and Tear


Protecting your pavement against issues stemming from natural causes can save you time and money in the long term. Asphalt naturally deteriorates over the years and it’s important to keep up with maintenance. Small cracks can lead to potholes, which are expensive to fill. After a year of new asphalt, the dark black color will fade into a lighter black and the asphalt will lose some of its elasticity, which causes the cracks to appear. There are three types of repairs that can be done on asphalt: filling cracks, seal coating, and power washing. Determining what type of repair [...]

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