5 Ways Every Facility Can Benefit From CAM Property Services


The first impression you project to your tenants and their customers is an important factor in the success of your operation. For 32 years, CAM Property Services has provided clients with high-quality workmanship and specialized offerings to improve the value and attractiveness of commercial, retail, and government buildings. Here are the Top 5 ways property managers can benefit when they contract building services from CAM Property Services: Make Your Property Shine From Class A offices and retail centers to universities and government facilities, CAM Property Services keeps buildings and businesses sparkling. Hiring a professional cleaning service to assist with [...]

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Can I Use A Robot Vacuum To Clean My Office?


With dozens of robot vacuum cleaner models on the market and millions sold each year, it is no surprise that they have become one of the top holiday gifts. Chances are that you or someone you know has received one. The iRobot Roomba seems to have started it all when they hit the market in 2002 and they have continued to improve features year after year. Since then, competitors have entered the marketplace, such as the Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac, Shark IQ, Ecovacs Deebot, Samsung PowerBot, and Neato Botvac. Right about now, someone is asking themselves if [...]

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How Contracted Property Services Improve Multifamily Safety


The eyes and ears of a dedicated service partner can make the difference between complete safety and potential hazard. When it comes to multifamily property management, it’s critical to contract with a team that provides an abundance of services — in all the necessary places — throughout your property. Southern California-based CAM Property Services adeptly identifies problem areas and provides site audit reports detailing conditions that could pose a safety risk. When a company provides multiple services, its employees tend to be more attuned to safety concerns on a larger scale. Empowering them to file a site audit report [...]

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CAM Property Services: Your Spring-Cleaning Pros


After an unusually cold and wet Winter, Spring has finally sprung here in Southern California. And you know what that means — it’s time for Spring Cleaning. If you own and/or manage multifamily, retail or office property, this task can seem like a daunting undertaking. Fortunately, the Property Pros at CAM Property Services are here to help lighten your load with everything from repairs and enhancements to cleaning and landscaping. JANITORIAL Let's start with the most straightforward way we can help achieve your Spring Cleaning goals. No matter the challenge, our Janitorial Pros will make your property [...]

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Government Contract Work for Basic Property Services


The trend to use contract labor for municipality needs is on the rise as local governments rely more on outsourced contract work to provide basic services once fulfilled by city and county workers. This offers clear advantages as private companies adapt more easily to fluctuations in demand and regulatory changes, while providing services by workers with specialized property skills. During the pandemic slowdown, facilities were able to get by with limited staffing and deferred maintenance. As the general public begins to congregate in greater numbers, city governments, county departments, business improvement districts (BIDs), and even schools are turning to [...]

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From The Desk Of Our EHS Specialist: Office Workspace Reimagined


In many cases, the way in which office spaces are used is going to change. The timeframe for workers returning to office buildings remains fluid and ultimately comes down to individual company decisions. In general, the schedule to return to offices en masse is likely to mirror the overall reopening of the statewide economy. The behavioral changes influenced by COVID-19 also remain uncertain. However, it is clear that health and safety concerns will take center stage at the workplace. Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) experts have begun re-examining the modern office workspace in the light of the pandemic and [...]

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From the Desk of Our EHS Specialist: Automated & Enhanced Escalator Handrail Cleaning


As customers re-enter public buildings in greater numbers, we need to ensure that they are comfortable in urban spaces and allowed to move about safely. Innovative solutions are crucial to support the well-being of customers. Our responsibility to property managers is to ensure their assets are pandemic resilient while simultaneously delivering positive impacts on business operations, thus factoring in Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) in decision-making. Our cost-effective strategies are focused on increasing revenue, improving productivity and mitigating risk at a time when it has never been more imperative. Businesses across California are getting back into shape, proactive landlords [...]

From the Desk of Our EHS Specialist: Automated & Enhanced Escalator Handrail Cleaning2023-02-20T19:22:26-08:00

Multifamily Maintenance: Tips For Contracting Services


Although they are commercial properties, multifamily facilities fall into a unique category with regard to upkeep. Unlike most commercial properties for business use, these properties are occupied continuously. Multifamily maintenance requires a wider range of skills and resident diplomacy, whether a high-rise apartment building, sprawling garden style community, condominiums, or townhouse community. Multifamily properties typically have more paying tenants to keep satisfied. The demands on common areas and amenities also tend to be higher. The lifestyles of the occupants tend to follow less rigid patterns of behavior, whereas business tenants more closely follow a uniform code of behavior. Working [...]

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