Winter is Coming: Is Your Property Prepared to Weather the Storm?


From roof inspection to stormwater management, CAM has you covered As the winter season approaches, Southern Californians may not experience the frigid temperatures and snowfall that residents in other parts of the country do. However, it’s essential for commercial property owners to recognize that even in milder climates, winter weather can bring its own set of challenges. At CAM Property Services, we’re uniquely attuned to those needs, and available to assist property managers, building owners and municipalities prepare for the colder, wetter months ahead. By taking a proactive approach to winterizing your property, you can ensure its longevity and [...]

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Your Junk, Our Trunk


Transform your property with CAM's hauling and junk removal services In the ever-evolving landscape of property management, maintaining a clean and welcoming environment isn’t an option — it’s a necessity. The presence of graffiti, homeless encampments, dirty dumpster bins, and unsightly trash can tarnish the perception of your property and lead to an array of problems. Fortunately, this is where CAM’s hauling and junk removal services can help. Our team of skilled Property Pros provide much-needed assistance to building owners and managers throughout Southern California by swiftly, effectively and affordably disposing of any unwanted items and debris. Conscientious property [...]

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Summer is coming to an end, and with it all the vacations, barbecues and outdoor adventures that make the season so memorable. However, wise property owners and managers know this is the time to look ahead and begin preparations for the inevitable transition to fall. At CAM Property Services, we understand the importance of early planning and prudent budgeting to ensure a seamless shift from the warmth of summer to the crisp embrace of autumn. Here are three key areas CAM recommends you put on your fall checklist now: LANDSCAPING When the vibrant hues of summer fade [...]


Keeping Your Cool: CAM Property Services Ensures Buildings Run Efficiently — No Matter How Hot it Gets


From drone inspections to pressure washing and landscaping, our Property Pros can get the job done With temperatures seemingly reaching all-time highs on a daily basis, this summer is proving to be a real scorcher — and the heatwave across Southern California shows no sign of letting up any time soon. With record temps in the forecast and the dog days of summer looming, it’s a critical time for property owners and managers to ensure that their buildings are running as efficiently as possible. Enter CAM Property Services, well equipped with the tools and highly trained experts to help [...]

Keeping Your Cool: CAM Property Services Ensures Buildings Run Efficiently — No Matter How Hot it Gets2024-06-19T12:51:13-07:00

Keeping Up Appearances: 3 Things to Keep Your Property Looking its Best this Summer


It’s officially summertime, and while some are focused on getting their bodies in shape, they may be neglecting their property. But there’s no reason why your property shouldn’t be looking its best during this season, and CAM Property Services is here to help. From landscaping to pressure washing to trash disposal, our Property Pros will keep your building looking fresh as the weather heats up. Trash Maintenance An often-overlooked aspect of property ownership is trash disposal. From trash chutes to dumpsters and waste bins, unclean disposal systems contain harmful bacteria, unpleasant odors, and unsightly pests. Worse yet [...]

Keeping Up Appearances: 3 Things to Keep Your Property Looking its Best this Summer2024-06-19T12:50:53-07:00

CAM Property Services: Your Spring-Cleaning Pros


After an unusually cold and wet Winter, Spring has finally sprung here in Southern California. And you know what that means — it’s time for Spring Cleaning. If you own and/or manage multifamily, retail or office property, this task can seem like a daunting undertaking. Fortunately, the Property Pros at CAM Property Services are here to help lighten your load with everything from repairs and enhancements to cleaning and landscaping. JANITORIAL Let's start with the most straightforward way we can help achieve your Spring Cleaning goals. No matter the challenge, our Janitorial Pros will make your property [...]

CAM Property Services: Your Spring-Cleaning Pros2024-06-19T12:50:27-07:00

Five essential tips for protecting your property from Southern California wildfires


As this past winter fades into memory, Southern California is emerging from a season of abundant, record-breaking rain. In fact, according to the National Weather Bureau, Los Angeles has received more rain this year than Seattle. The result? A lush spring season characterized by verdant landscapes and vibrant wildflowers. While the beauty of this transformation is undeniable, property owners must remain vigilant as the hot summer months loom ahead. In a region known for its propensity for wildfires, proactive measures are essential to safeguarding your property and community. Here are five crucial tips to help protect your property from [...]

Five essential tips for protecting your property from Southern California wildfires2024-05-20T09:17:33-07:00

How to Brighten Up the Office (And Your Employees)


Summer is here and the longer, warmer days greatly affect the environment of your office. Even though people don’t always look forward to working in a cubicle with noisy coworkers, studies show that the addition of indoor plants, water fixtures, and access to a garden can increase alertness, longer attention spans, and lower blood pressure, leading to reduced employer’s health expenses. A happy and healthy staff will be even more productive and appreciate the brighter environment. Landscape design is crucial to an appealing property and thus requires the right balance of plants. Drought-resistant landscape is low maintenance and limits [...]

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Bring Your Property to Peak Condition When Switching Landscape Vendors


Have you considered the steps involved in switching landscape vendors? Oftentimes, a switch is made to achieve budget savings or service quality. Whatever your goal is for making a switch, keep these best practices in mind to ensure a seamless transition that meets both parties’ expectations. One-time cleanup to ensure a fast transition Weeding Control overgrown plants and create favorable growing conditions Remove dead brush and plant material Mulch installation Improve appearance instantly and inhibit weed growth Trimming Cut back shrubs, trees, and hedges Irrigation audit Optimize water schedule Ensure all valves, lines and timers function properly Repair broken sprinklers [...]

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Tips for Landscaping and Tree Trimming in Early Spring from Commercial Property Pros


Early spring is the perfect time for building managers to act on landscaping and tree trimming plans for the year ahead. Working with a landscape services company now can give your greenery the deep-rooted foundation for a successful growing season. The goal is to maximize plant health early in the season to establish long-term success. Here are the types of maintenance landscapers should be doing for your property according to experienced professionals. Be sure to continue watering your plants appropriately. Even if you’ve neglected other landscape maintenance throughout the winter, watering should remain consistent to maintain plant health and to prevent [...]

Tips for Landscaping and Tree Trimming in Early Spring from Commercial Property Pros2024-01-04T13:58:51-08:00