Winter is Coming: Is Your Property Prepared to Weather the Storm?


From roof inspection to stormwater management, CAM has you covered As the winter season approaches, Southern Californians may not experience the frigid temperatures and snowfall that residents in other parts of the country do. However, it’s essential for commercial property owners to recognize that even in milder climates, winter weather can bring its own set of challenges. At CAM Property Services, we’re uniquely attuned to those needs, and available to assist property managers, building owners and municipalities prepare for the colder, wetter months ahead. By taking a proactive approach to winterizing your property, you can ensure its longevity and [...]

Winter is Coming: Is Your Property Prepared to Weather the Storm?2024-06-19T12:52:24-07:00

Weather the Storm with CAM’s Drone Inspection Service


State-of-the-art technology allows property owners to avoid costly repairs Considering the increasing unpredictability of Southern California weather patterns, proactive property owners and managers prepare their buildings and resources to withstand potential damage caused by heavy rainfall, flooding, and high winds. The Golden State can be extremely volatile, with prolonged periods of drought followed by intense storms. With the wet season fast approaching, savvy property owners anticipate the unexpected and take necessary precautions to protect their investments and avoid costly emergency response to storm damage. Fortunately, CAM Property Services provides a critical service that can help mitigate future [...]

Weather the Storm with CAM’s Drone Inspection Service2024-06-19T12:51:49-07:00

Keeping Your Cool: CAM Property Services Ensures Buildings Run Efficiently — No Matter How Hot it Gets


From drone inspections to pressure washing and landscaping, our Property Pros can get the job done With temperatures seemingly reaching all-time highs on a daily basis, this summer is proving to be a real scorcher — and the heatwave across Southern California shows no sign of letting up any time soon. With record temps in the forecast and the dog days of summer looming, it’s a critical time for property owners and managers to ensure that their buildings are running as efficiently as possible. Enter CAM Property Services, well equipped with the tools and highly trained experts to help [...]

Keeping Your Cool: CAM Property Services Ensures Buildings Run Efficiently — No Matter How Hot it Gets2024-06-19T12:51:13-07:00

We Go Above and Beyond for All Your Property Needs


At CAM Property Services, when we say that “one call cleans it all,” we really mean it. No matter the size of the task, we can tackle any commercial or residential property management job. We had the perfect opportunity to put our motto into practice when a new client reached out to us to take on a monumental project. The mission: Clear out a five-acre property used as an illegal dumping site for months. The client was looking to sell the property but needed the trash cleared out before showing it to potential buyers. Our team hauled off [...]

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Don’t Leave Your Property Out to Dry: How CAM’s Property Pros Can Help You Get Your Landscaping Under Control


Southern California's unprecedented precipitation this past winter relieved the region’s years-long drought conditions and helped in creating rain-soaked, snow-covered scenery for millions of Instagram accounts. However, with the onset of spring comes both warmer temperatures and the potential for uncontrolled growth of weeds, grass, and other vegetation to wreak havoc. While it may not seem like such a big deal now (give it time, it will be), this excess greenery can quickly become a fire hazard waiting to happen. With wildfire season practically year-round in California, property owners must stay diligent when it comes to maintaining safe conditions under [...]

Don’t Leave Your Property Out to Dry: How CAM’s Property Pros Can Help You Get Your Landscaping Under Control2023-08-09T18:34:06-07:00

How Drone Inspections Increase Efficiency for Property Managers


Incorporating technology into property maintenance makes sense, especially when it saves time and money while improving results. Aerial drone inspections accomplish all of that for property managers, owners, and stakeholders. Now in their second decade of mainstream commercial use, drones have become more efficient and effective than ever. Commercial property managers have come to rely on recorded video surveillance of their assets from all angles for maintenance, asset protection, owner reports, and insurance. Easier access to previously challenging viewpoints means that property managers can view and identify potential maintenance problems in the early stages. Managers can reduce operating costs [...]

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Aerial Drone Inspections for Property Management


As technology continues to improve, new ways to apply it are being implemented across all industries to provide better service for customers. The commercial property services sector is no exception. The latest tech to help property managers make decisions is drone inspections. These digital property surveys are helping guide management decisions, improving performance and profitability. More than just aerial images, the data points provided by professionally piloted drone surveys continue to impress. Paired with sophisticated software, aerial drone footage enables property managers to work efficiently and effectively with single properties or across entire portfolios. Drones receive most of the [...]

Aerial Drone Inspections for Property Management2023-02-23T00:22:42-08:00

Thermal Drone Imaging for Property Management


Facility thermal drone inspections are more than just colorful video footage or photos. When drone services are provided by property professionals, the camera captures data most relevant to the specific needs of property managers. The more familiar a drone operator is with a property and its trouble spots, the better the resulting analysis. While the quality of non-thermal drones is dependent on camera lens quality, resolution, and image storage, thermal drones raise the stakes. The quality of thermal cameras can vary considerably in price depending on sensitivity, targeted accuracy, and range of datapoints collected. Color changes can provide [...]

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Multifamily Maintenance: Tips For Contracting Services


Although they are commercial properties, multifamily facilities fall into a unique category with regard to upkeep. Unlike most commercial properties for business use, these properties are occupied continuously. Multifamily maintenance requires a wider range of skills and resident diplomacy, whether a high-rise apartment building, sprawling garden style community, condominiums, or townhouse community. Multifamily properties typically have more paying tenants to keep satisfied. The demands on common areas and amenities also tend to be higher. The lifestyles of the occupants tend to follow less rigid patterns of behavior, whereas business tenants more closely follow a uniform code of behavior. Working [...]

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